An Ordinary Day


It’s a Monday
an ordinary day
Most try to wish it away
The back to work scurry
The dreaded frenzy and hurry
People dislike the repetitive song
Playing dully all day long

However, it’s a new beautiful dance
Why not hold on to this chance
Of a new day
And it’s ordinary moments
For they are what makes up a great life
Simply told by a content wife
Accept the quiet and uneventful scene
For that’s what truly is serene.

Thank God for my ordinary day
I woke up able to walk and talk
Work and play
No piled up bills
Oh what a thrill
Of an ordinary day!

I hope YOU are having a great Monday, even if it is ordinary!

All My Best,
Heart and Soul❤️

12 thoughts on “An Ordinary Day

  1. Lovely post Mary! I used to hate MOndays or at least pretend to hate them till I met Garfield! HIs wonderful mOndays made me grin all the time! Thanks to that adorable cat I love MOndays! But alas the movie was not so great!

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