Why Not Accept Differences?

Why not Accept Differences?


If you could rid the world of one thing, what would it be? I would end hate. Hate is a strong obsessive emotion, that has caused many conflicts, murders, and The Holocaust to name a few. You can’t reason with or fix hate. It feeds on anger and ignorance, like a cancer that thrives and needs to be stopped. It’s much easier to feel love for others, rather than hate.

It actually shocks my every being when I overhear people saying nasty hateful things about others. What were they taught from their parents? Especially now, after our chaotic election I still see nasty negative posts about Muslims, Democrats or Republicans, give me a break! Stop judging folks! People are people with many differences and similarities. We have to accept others and what they believe in. Even if it’s not your way or religion, you don’t need to write nasty things on the internet,such as, “ Get out if you’re not a Christian. “ I wouldn’t think Jesus would do that and persecute others. He would’ve tried to convert but wouldn’t punish those who didn’t believe, would he?



Let’s spread love and acceptance to others. Just because someone isn’t like you or believes in the same things, it doesn’t mean they are a bad person. Obviously I’m not condoning erratic and extreme Islam and terrorism, that’s a different story although I don’t hate those people. Just a dislike for their bad choices and violent lifestyle. 


Religion shouldn’t be based on judgment of others and harbor negative resentment. It should spread love, kindness, acceptance and goodwill. I have no desire to be involved with judgment, persecution or intolerance of differences. I choose love instead of hate. Won’t you delete hate from your life?



All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️

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