Organized or Messy in the Kitchen?

Are you Organized or Messy in the Kitchen?








Just a week and a half ago,  when my sister in law and I were prepping for the Thanksgiving dinner, my thoughts were how organized we were while we cooked. Because I have a good sized kitchen and workspace now, we each had ample counter room to gather our ingredients and get to work. Not only that, but we washed dishes after each task and dried them shortly after.



Now I have a question for you and you just think about it and be honest with yourself, are you organized or messy? When you cook or bake, do you clean as you go or create a magnificent mess and deal with it later? Maybe it doesn’t matter to you, as long as it gets cleaned up eventually. Perhaps you are already organized and neat as a pin in the kitchen, so then just be content that you’ve created great kitchen work habits.





Honestly most of the time, I make a bit of mess, a disarray of ingredients on the counter amid bowls and cups and measuring spoons, while cooking or baking. I’ve always been that way, organized setting up the ingredients but messy with the rest.



Now that I’ve faced this problem, I feel like I should work on it to become a bit more organized. First it’s necessary to fill the kitchen sink with soapy hot water and as I use the cups, teaspoons and bowls I can plop them in. Washing dishes as you go prevents a big mess and saves time in the end. Next I plan to wash the counter as I spill flour, sugar or whatever. Lastly it’s helpful to put each ingredient away as you use it. I do this sometimes but it’s truly not a habit yet.




Other tips to stay organized:


*Write down baking times or set a timer as a reminder of your goodies being done

*Plan your oven times. This was a challenge at Thanksgiving because we used the oven for several things, many with different baking temperatures. Decide which dishes go in first and set the timer. Write a list or keep a mental list of the pies, cakes or dishes, their temperature and baking time. It helped us that we did some dishes the day before.

*Write down any ingredients that you use up for a future shopping list. It’s important to pen this, because you may forget you used it up until you need it for baking again.

*If you must share your space, do it in fun. Fun chatter and a magical music playlist will lighten the mood. Designate which counter top or space you and your friend will have. Give that person the bowls, cups and measuring spoons she needs.

*Play music and create a magical atmosphere





Staying organized and clean in the kitchen will alleviate any chaos or mess. You’ll be happier that you did this and probably will save yourself some clean up time.



Do you have any kitchen organization tips that you would like to share?


All My Best,

Heart and Soul💗


10 thoughts on “Organized or Messy in the Kitchen?

  1. I’m definitely organized in the kitchen! As I cook, I like to clean so that I always have a neat clean work space and don’t save al the mess for later. As I use my spices I put them away too, crazy I know because I may need them again later but I just need to have countertops clear at all times! Always keep some paper towels and spray near by in case of a quick spill, there’s a quick clean too! If I’m peeling something, I peel straight into a bin or into a bowl so I can easily throw away! Hope this helps, have a great week!

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  2. Love this post! Great tips. I’m messy in an organized way. Since my kitchen is also my dining room I really need to put some of your tips to work so I’m not frantic at the end. I can’t retreat to the dining room and forget about the mess in the kitchen. Flour does have a way of flying off my counters…

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  3. This is a great post. I especially like the tip”Write down baking times or set a timer as a reminder of your goodies being done”. This post really helps anyone out who is planning on hosting during the holidays/meal planning. I also just published a post about kitchen organization. It deals more with the placement of your kitchenware, etc. which seems to correlate well with how to keep organized while cooking. =)

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