A Winter Wonderland🌨☃️



It’s December in my neck of the woods, which means our little houses bear frosty windows and snowy yards. Many New Englanders welcome more fluffy snow and iced windshields. Snowplows hurriedly push banks of snow as the drivers survive on coffee and adrenaline.Excited scampering dogs play and kick in the fluff, while warm kitty cats slumber by the crackling fire.


While working in school, it snowed all day. Magical glittery sheets of snow fell while teachers and children went about their day. Children were drawn to the windows as a snow globe scene played for them. Excited school children tugged on boots, wrestled with snow pants and hot mittens and hats preparing for recess , a chance to play and romp .White blankets wrapped the earth in warmth while restless winter birds fluttered about, looking for seeds.


Our snowscape through the screened window



After the final bell, determined teachers plowed through paths of snow, as children kicked it and attempted making snow balls. The parking lot was filled with gloved people cleaning off mounds of snow, scraping windshields to see.Plows raced through streets and the school driveway scooping it up, while tired school buses creeped in its path.



I love snow this time of year for Christmas isn’t Christmas without it! It envelopes our corner of the world in a sparkling lane of frost. As I drove home, white branches and trees and roads greeted me. It was a picture of beauty, it’s essence in its simplicity, mother nature’s gift to all who can appreciate it. I thank God for it and pray that drivers are safe on the roads in it.

This is written in my charming snow globe.

All My Best,

Heart and Soul❤️

14 thoughts on “A Winter Wonderland🌨☃️

  1. What a beautiful sight when that first snowfall hits. However, I’m not a fan of driving in the snow, I’d rather be bundled up indoors just watching and admiring nature in all its glory. Gorgeous pictures.

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  2. How pretty! I love to watch snow when I have nowhere to go but I’m not too fond of driving in it. It is obvious you New Englanders have a much more laid back attitude about snow though because we in NJ never have recess on a snowy day!! Of course most of our students don’t come prepared with snow pants and only half wear practical boots so they would be drenched all afternoon!

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    1. Nancy ,snow is a way of life here but like you, I dislike driving in it. Some of our kids don’t have ski pants so it’s tough. Some teachers have spare clothing and the nurse does as well. Usually a month or two into it they all get them. It’s better going outside than staying in!😊

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