The Christmas Tree πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„


I’ve had a real Christmas fir tree as long as I can remember. The earthy pine scent wafts in the room it dwells in. The prickly needles poke a bit as I hang family ornaments. There’s something magical and amazing about a real tree adorned with family ornaments collected over the years.


When the boys were little we lived on a farm where Tom worked as a caretaker ( details in another post someday). Mrs. Geneen gave us permission to go across the yard to the field of Christmas trees and choose the perfect one for us and one for her house. Sometimes we trudged in feet of icy snow with an excitement that warmed your insides. Pulling our wooden toboggan across the packed blanket of white, Tom and I each inspected the trees. Short and tall trees, finely shaped trees, handsome gentlemen trees greeted us as we walked from tree to tree. The boys ran around with wonder and glee as dad and I chose the right one.




One time we went further into the field so Tom brought the truck. The roar of the motor and the boys’ laughter interrupted any quiet. He parked the truck and we all scrambled out with an excitement that had a life of its own. Rows of spectacular evergreens stood like a line of soldiers, each with its own shape and size. Back then I took forever deciding, for once I spotted one I liked, the neighboring tree would also catch my eye.




Eventually we took turns picking out the tree and each one was beautiful and unique. Many years we had a fat towering monstrosity that hardly fit in our livingroom. This reminds me of the infamous Clark Griswold’s tree from A Christmas Vacation movie! That was no problem because my husband is a problem solver! He’d trim the tip off or bottom branches and then it fit like a puzzle piece in the corner.



Since Mrs. Geneen has passed away and the farm sold,now we frequent a local Christmas tree farm nestled in a neighboring town. This year Tom, Dylan, his girlfriend Alexis, Branden and myself ventured out on a Sunday on a tree quest. The day was a little chilly with no snow or New England snow showers to paint the scene. Yet we were together and having fun and that’s what matters.


Here they are with our newly cut tree. Priceless memories.



Unlike previous years, we were looking for a minute or two. The young men and Alexis were heartily joking about a tree that had two feet of boughs cut off. It resembled a Dr. Seuss tree. Not far beyond the strange tree, it stood. It’s grand demeanor and lovely shape drew our attention. I think the kids noticed it first and that was it! As simple as that and then Tom got his chainsaw buzzing and it was zipped off.




My heart was filled with love as Dylan, Branden and Alexis carried our tree out of the field towards the truck. They joked and talked and I thought this was what Christmas and family is all about! It’s the little moments that mean so much and there memories that will last a lifetime.



Once our grand fellow rested in its stand, Tom strung a few lights, Dylan, Bran and Alexis hung a few ornaments and then their interest waned. Sadly I hung the rest of the beautiful ornaments while I listened to old time Christmas tunes. Things change and I understand that. I’m fortunate that they still wanted to go on the tree adventure and that makes up for the decorating. So I’m okay doing most of the trimming by myself because we had that special time at the tree farm.

If you celebrate Christmas, do you have your tree yet? What traditions do you practice with the tree?

All My Best,

Heart and Soul πŸ’—

6 thoughts on “The Christmas Tree πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

  1. Glad you had that heart warming time carrying out the tree. I’m the resident tree decorator around here after Dear puts the lights on. Next week we will venture out and get our mystery tree. Tomorrow on the Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog I’m posting all about our mystery tree tradition.

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  2. Precious memories. Change sometimes is difficult. Especially if it’s a tradition that you have had for years. I myself have had to adjust to many around the Holidays but I choose to smile as I reminisce . I am so blessed to have so many memories to look back on. 😎

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