A Christmas Village





My Christmas village nestled in a glittery cover of snow

Has a life of its own and a precious fancy glow

It’s the perfect snow globe all dressed in light

A moment of silence and bids a magical night

Scurrying villagers wander about the streets

Wishing a Merry Christmas to whomever they meet

Soft lights wink with a peace only small towns fare

An unspoken presence of goodwill and generosity hung everywhere

eager children fashion their snowman , their personal best

A Jolly old soul with nothing to do but to freeze and to rest

Church bells ring solemnly all around

Hollering it’s message from the sky to the ground

Before I scuffle off to bed and lie my head down to rest

I snap off the lights and admire my little village , feeling  so blessed!


This is a simple, small collection I started when I was first married. A general store, toy shop, fire station, church in the center of town and a post office complete the collection. There are just  a few villagers, church goers, store clerks and groups of children. I used to have a big hockey rink but many pieces broke off it and after gluing and re-gluing I discarded it. It rests upon my antique bureau in my dining room.

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️

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