Reflections of the Past Year






In the late days of December, most of us pause and reflect on the passing year. Another year in our life was spent, hopefully lived the best way you could with no passing regrets. There is something so final about saying goodbye to another 365 days. It’s sometimes like bidding a close family member farewell as they pass from this life, full of sorrow and sadness. Perhaps the year was so amazing and breathtaking you just don’t want it to end. Other times it’s a joyous adios because the year held so much pain that it’s time to seek the future and a fresh start.




Many people I know are ready to bid a farewell to 2016. Perhaps they lost loved ones, were sick and unable to do what they wanted or had things go haywire all year without a break. Whatever this year meant to you, you can close the chapter and look forward to the next. There’s always hope and a chance for a fresh start in a new year.



As I seriously reflect on the last year, CHANGE is my family’s headline and theme. It’s the first time that I can really label a year. My oldest son officially moved out into his own apartment, leaving a room of his packed up belongings. My husband and I also sent our youngest son to college three hours away, leaving an empty nest and me a broken hearted mama. ( I’ve adjusted and doing okay. I’m so happy for him, he’s just completed his first semester with a 3.66 gpa).



We completed our first year, in May, in our new renovated home. This was a drastic change from living in an employer’s cottage home to living in our own place, a place that we could finally call ours and make our own decisions.  We moved from a home we raised our sons in and had created many fond family memories to a renovation project that has turned into a beautiful inviting home. Now our home is mostly finished except outside shingle work.


Our relatives moved away, primarily to sunny Florida. Tom’s mom, his sister and husband and other sister and husband all went, along with a niece and her family. Recently many relatives are drawn to the warm weather, heading South of us. We are happy for their new lives but miss them so.



This year I started my blog and wrote about life in New Hampshire. I didn’t think about it, I just did it! After researching ideas, I found WordPress and the rest is history. I’ve written 137 posts about our rural dwelling, it’s creatures that inhabit here and magical moments of inspiration. I love doing it and having people all over the world read it.




My husband built his amazing garage with a little help from his friend and tractor and our son Dylan. All that hard work and long work days with his jobs and then coming home to tackle the garage, paid off! It’s a beauty and many townsmen are commenting and praising him for his great work.





This year Tom and I reconnected with his sister Bev and her husband Chris more than ever! I had Bev stay over and we had a wonderful visit! We went out to dinner and went to my son’s play Little Shop of Horrors. Tom and Dylan went to Bev’s house to help Chris with their renovation project and the three worked and had a good time together. Bev and Chris came here for Thanksgiving and we all had a special magical day. We hope to have them come in future events.



Okay like anyone else, my year had ups and downs including a two month hiatus from my garden to tackle fleas in our home. I was vacuuming everyday and got a bad case of OCD whenever I saw a black speck. I know it could have been worse!

I’ve also fought a back injury for two months that I’m trying to leave behind. I’m not lifting and trying to baby it. I’ll start physical therapy in January to learn all the back strengthening exercises.

I think it’s a valuable process to look back and analyze the year. Thoughts of positive habits can be chalked up to success and a vow to continue it in the coming year. An example would be for me to continue yoga when my back is better. I loved the flexibility of the practice and it’s calming influence on my mind and intend to get back as soon as I’m able.


What negative habit did you have this year? Maybe you gained weight by not eating right and exercising. Perhaps you over thought about things and that affected your actions. Whatever it is, make it your New Year’s resolution to tackle it. Overcome those demons and replace it with a positive practice.
Another milestone in our life, ready to close like a well read book. As I march well into my late forties I realize what a passing year means, running out of time. I’m getting older and I’ll probably lose more people in my life and have changes. It’s inevitable…with that said I will make this life even richer with valuing family, friends and outside nature. I vow to do my best to take care of myself and my family.



Do you have special memories of this passing year? Is there anything to learn from and reflect on? Whatever happened to you this year, positive or negative, I hope you find peace in looking forward to 2017.

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤

11 thoughts on “Reflections of the Past Year

  1. Just as a bit of encouragement, I really enjoyed my fifties. I’m well into my sixties now and it’s getting harder to lose unwanted weight than in my fifties. That’s interesting that many of your family have moved all the way south to Florida. I’m glad you still have a few family members to connect with that are close enough to spend special times with. Blessiings in the New Year for you and yours.

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    1. Ellen, they say you’re only as old as you feel, right? Most of the time I feel like Im in my thirties. I just don’t look forward to losing people as I get older, but it’s part of life. Thanks for reading and commenting. Happy New Year to you and your family. Sending many blessings to you.💗


  2. Thanks for the reminder to take this time of year to look back and remember/reflect on 2016. It sounds like you had an eventful year– we have 4 kids and remember the day that the last one went off to college. But it makes it so sweet when they all come back! And hope your back is better by the time you get this! That can be so so difficult! Fun o find your blog– keep posting! xox

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  3. I have started watching Saturday Night Live again! too often! i had stopped because it had become a little dull but it now fizzes like a delicious icy cold bottle of Coke! happy new year, lovely pics on your lovely blog

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