A Familiar Scent

Do you have a certain scent that brings back precious memories? It’s amazing how smells can transport us back in the past or right beside a special person we knew! It could be the Patchouli perfume that your grandma wore that instantly brings you back to the days that you could speak with her or the sweet smell of butterscotch candies that your grandpa had hidden in his pocket for special occasions.


My favorite scent that evokes memories is chimney smoke. I know that’s strange but it is something that sticks with me. It reminds me of comforting days in my childhood. Our family always had a fireplace or wood stove. Playing outside I couldn’t help but notice it’s pungent odor. It meant warmth and tranquility, for when I went inside, we gathered around the fire. A sure sign of fall and winter, the smokey scent was exhilarating amid the chilly air.

Wisps of gray curly smoke plummets from the chimney. Sometimes it shoots straight up and others whips north, depending on the wind direction. It makes a whimsical path in the sky and really is beautiful to me. Despite its beauty and necessity on this cold day, it’s familiar scent is what affects me to my inner core!



Chimney smoke has a distinct smell combined with fresh air outside. It also reminds me of my Grandpa’s camp long ago, in Vermont. It’s smell brings me back there where I played one day with my cousins. The only memory I have, other than playing with my cousins, is the chimney smoke.

On winter days, when returning from home the first sight I see is chimney smoke pluming upward. It means my home is warm and waiting for me. It means piles of cut wood will be neatly stacked in the log carrier and my husband and I will have to retrieve more from the outside wood stash.



On frigid days coasting down the hill towards work, I enter the bowels of a small town. Chimney tops from street to street are working with their flow of smoke. My favorite scent that evokes memories is chimney smoke and I can actually smell it from a nearby home, through the car window. This sight is comforting, the fact that townsmen are warm during the winter. Although It’s a basic necessity, something some people suffer without.



Notice what scents bring you back in time, to comforting memories and people. Our senses truly serve us well to connect to thoughts and memories that may have passed on to oblivion if we didn’t have them.

Daily Prompt: Scent


All My Best,
Heart and Soul

8 thoughts on “A Familiar Scent

  1. I’m with you on the chimney smoke Mary!! It makes me think of home– when I was young, we had a fire in the fireplace most Sunday evenings (except summer)– sometimes we’d roast hot dogs there for dinner. And I also love the smell of bacon– it always makes me think of camping trips– cooking out over the fire! sort of related?? right? Fun post– Is that picture your home?? it’s beautiful! hope all’s well with you… xo

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    1. Hi Rhonda, I agree with you in the bacon smell. It reminds me of waking up to that smell and of course, camping. Yes, that’s our house, a renovation project. We’ve been working on it for 23 years and just moved in two years ago May. We still have lots of work to do, but most of the interior is done. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!😎


      1. Hi Mary– 23 years?!! Did you all do the work yourself?? What a project! It really is a beautiful house– would love to see a blog post about the whole renovation. We did a little kitchen/bathroom remodel a while back–Larry is pretty handy. And I know it was so much work! anyway, fun to hear about it. Hope you’re walking into a great weekend! xo

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  2. I will post our renovation story sometime. I have before and after pictures and a local writer featured our house in her book. The reason why it took so long was that our family lived on an estate and my husband was the caretaker. He and his dad started the project and then Tom tinkered on it now and then over the years. Have a great day, Rhonda.😀


  3. Oh Mary, this is so great. What a beautiful sense of nurturing and home.

    I love the smell of rose. It opens my heart. Funny I’m not sure when I first smelled it or what it reminds me of 💜

    Thanks for asking, and much love.
    PS sounds like you loved your Grandpa

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