A Lone Tree

Taken from Pinterest.com





When my husband and I go for country rides on back roads, I always notice the lone trees. Usually the tree stands erect at the top of a hill, like a honorable man who has achieved so much and conquered his mountain of challenges. It’s perfectly tall and stretches its crooked branches like old wrinkly fingers, embracing the world.


There’s something majestic and spiritual about a lone tree.I feel quiet and humbled upon its sight and I always long to hike up to it to take in all it’s wonder. It’s beauty touches my heart and I feel a spiritual connection. Whenever I see an extraordinary lone tree, an emblem or picture, I wonder why it touches me so.It’s majesty is unexplainable! All I know is that I feel connected to it, it’s splendor and roots that dig deep in the ground.





The lone tree looks stately and pristine, resembling a proud grandfather overlooking his family from a distance. It proudly stands for strength and resilience…that tree, in its solitary state, has grown upward and out. Even though it’s all alone without a stand to thrive in with, it flourishes on its own accord. What a beauty it is!



Will you look at your neighborhood tree the same again? Do you notice the alone trees that you encounter?



All My Best,

Heart and Soul 💗









Taken from Pinterest.com

11 thoughts on “A Lone Tree

  1. I have one I like to keep an eye on. I call it the fire tree because in the autumn its leaves turn an amazing red. At all other times of the year it would probably go unnoticed. I’m sure there’s a deep message there somewhere 🙂

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  2. Your write-up is quite appealing and impelling. Congrats!

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