Wintry Wednesday



This is the second significant snowfall in the last two days. On Monday our school called a snow day, like hundreds of other schools in New Hampshire. This day we went to school and shortly after, soft snow drizzled from the sky. As the day wore on, it piled up and made the road look greasy and difficult.


I came home with soggy boots and a wet coat after spending several minutes scraping the car off of heavy snow. I slowly made my way home, just five minutes up the hill from school. That’s a blessing, that I don’t have far to travel to work!

As I turned the key in the lock, I could hear our kerosene monitor flip on in the kitchen. A band of warmth hit me as I came in and of course I was greeted by our town crier, my black cat Smokey. I went right to work because the  stove needed stoking and wood piled in our rack.

Glancing out the livingroom window, the snow piling up was inspiration for a few pictures…just in case I forget all this in June!


All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤





11 thoughts on “Wintry Wednesday

  1. This is magical Mary!! Your photos are gorgeous! We live in So California –no snow (unless you trek up to the mountains). So I came to Wisconsin for a week of snow with my daughter here — and tis’ 55 degrees, with patches of old snow melting by the sides of the road! So thank you thank you for your glorious, beautiful photos!! So pretty! Hope you’re tucked in snug and warm for the weekend!! xox

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      1. Hi Mary– it’s crazy here for Wisconsin– people were out to day with tank tops! But they say it will snow/freeze again so they are not done with winter! Hope you’re straying snug and warm. Blessings. xo

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      2. Rhonda, it was warm here today too. Ice was melting off the roof and I actually went for a nice walk. I’m sure it won’t last but it was nice. Blessings to you, happy weekend.💜


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