Happy Birthday, Son

Twenty one years ago my life changed forever. I knew it would…but I didn’t fantham how amazing motherhood was until our son was born and swaddled on my chest. As he lay kicking and thrusting his little arms to and fro, my heart grew with immense love. Our first son was a beautiful gift from God and he made Tom’s and my life even more richer than it was. Our little family was born and from that day on my life seemed complete.






I have many fond memories of little Dylan with his thick chestnut brown hair and green eyes. His first word was ball, true to his nature as he grew up to play baseball and love it with his every being. From day one of t- ball to senior year on the varsity team, he played with all that he had and he became really skilled at it. Dylan ended up being a valuable pitcher on the team and one of its leaders. It was a joy to attend most of his games with his grandmother. We traveled to the games with our fold up chairs and proud smiles every time. I do miss those days!



It’s been an amazing 21 years raising Dylan and getting to see him grow from an energetic boy to a handsome man. He has made Tom and I proud by his kindness, sense of humor and strong work ethic.





Today and everyday I thank God for both our sons and celebrate Dylan . Happy Birthday dear Dylan with all my love and blessings.

Written by a proud mama

All My Best,
Heart and Soul ❤

16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Son

    1. Thank you, Loretta! He had a great birthday. His girlfriend made him a special dinner last night and tonight they came over for chicken potpie and a brownie ice cream cake that I made. It was fun!💗


  1. Hi Mary– you’re so right. Nothing changes your life like becoming a mother. Things are never the same. Our kids are all grown, but they are still the biggest blessings in our lives. And– fun to read about Dylan. He sounds like a bright amazing young man. –Happy weekend ahead! any plans? Birthday cakes?

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    1. Yes, Alexis ( his girlfriend) made him a nice birthday dinner last night and tonight they came over for chicken potpie and brownie ice cream cake. It was so much fun! You’re right…no matter how old they are, they are still a huge blessing. I think they still need us but in a different way. 😉


      1. HI Mary– It does sound like a sweet birthday. And I so agree kids need us all along– even though are kids are married with kids– they need us to encourage, cheer them on and help in practical ways– and pray for them day by day. So fun to see how you enjoy your guys… hugs hugs!

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