Prayer Flags


Prayer flags show the things we want all the world to have,

Something to make everyone happy,

the flags are hung  together and hung where we can blow prayers to the universe and grant the wishes of the flag’s maker.

It is said that hanging the prayer  flags will produce greater peace, happiness and health for ourselves, our loved ones and neighbors as well as the strangers around us.

– taken from a Prayer Flag at Flatbread Company

North Conway, NH

The other day while lunching at a great place in North Conway, New Hampshire,  something hanging from a rafter caught my eye. It was a colorful flag or banner and it had words inscribed all over it. Filtered sunlight shined on it and it seemed to have a peaceful glow about it. I immediately fell in love with the idea of a prayer flag, a way to spread peace and hang it for all to enjoy!  I decided that after we finished our delicious late lunch, I would attempt to snap a photo to capture the words.



Have you ever heard of prayer flags? I haven’t but they intrigue me so I had to do a little research. According to, the history of prayer flags date back thousands of years ago. In Tibet native people flew these flags using the colors of the five elements, blue for the sky or space, white representing air and clouds, red for fire, green for water and yellow stood for earth. Later when Buddhism was born in the 7th century, monks would create the prayer flags with beautiful pictures and symbols. Flying them in the wind would send blessings to all and spread good throughout.

During this time, in our undivided country of the United States of America,we all could use unity and good feelings for each other. Let’s look away from politics and political parties for a bit and spread peace and goodwill throughout our hurting country. First of all, I believe daily prayers to God are in order for all of us. Praying for peace and understanding may help us get through our days, days of confusion and worry about where our government is headed. If you support what is going on in our government, perhaps you could try to make peace with people who find fault with it. We all have differing backgrounds and opinions and that what makes our country great. 




How about creating a colorful prayer flag for your home or garden? I plan to do so and have already researched do it yourself prayer flags on Pinterest. They come in different colors and sayings. You must create your flag knowing your heartfelt thoughts and words that mean something to you. Next, fly it in the wind, be sure to place it where the breeze can blow all the blessings around. You could make a string of flags, promoting peace and goodwill in your neighborhood.



Once I make mine, I’ll share it with you all. I plan to hang it in my garden but not sure how I’ll do it yet. Now do you think you’ll make a prayer flag? What meaningful words would you inscribe on the cloth and what colors would you choose?

All My Best,

Heart and Soul >3

Think good thoughts…what a nice saying to read while lunching!

9 thoughts on “Prayer Flags

  1. God, I completely love this!!! Thank you for sharing. So inspired.

    We have a peace workshop coming up where I work this month, called An Evening of Peace. And it is a personal focus of mine. What a beautiful, beautiful project.

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Blessings to you and love too. ~Debbie


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