The Mysterious Motorcycle


In a quaint little town on its main

an infamous landmark still remains

It’s a wondrous unusual delight

to see such a mysterious sight

It dangles from a twisty tree

For all passersby to admire and see

Rusted chrome and handlebars facing the street

The long lost engine and gas tank, incomplete

Suspended on a limb, it swings in the breeze

This blue motorcycle is quite a tease

As long as I can remember it’s been there

A mystery to wonder about and share

Whose bold bike was this, that is not too clean

A middle aged fellow, a woman or teen

What’s the real story that’s hidden in its frame

Is it someone’s legacy or was it a fun loving game

Did the owner ride with intense glee

and glide with the wind just to be free

I may never know or learn of his fate

But I can wonder and try to relate

I do know whoever rode in its day

Hung it proudly in his yard to stay

A steady symbol for all that love the ride

Grasp the handlebars and drive with pride.

As long as I can remember this motorcycle has greeted me while traveling through Bartlett, New Hampshire. It’s one of those mainstays that you don’t even think about but look for it every time. It handsomely swings in a lone tree in a front yard. This wonder reminds me of years ago traveling through Franconia Notch ( just minutes from my home) and searching for the Old Man on the Mountain. You had to look carefully but it was always there, greeting you, a mainstay until it fell in May of 2003. Now I still forget and look sometimes, missing it’s presence. I feel the same about the dangling motorcycle and secretly hope it will always be there!

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤



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