Top Shelf

My dad enjoying a nice Easter last year



It’s the tough moments that make you resilient, when you want to cry in agony but instead you stand strong and tall. You hold back tears and swallow hard when faced with a loved one’s sickness. It’s this way because there’s nothing you can do but be there. When darkness shades the good of your day, we must remember who really is in charge of our fragile lives. You can’t control the situation and you must kneel and pray and give it to God.




That’s what I did this week when my dad went through surgery and complications. In one afternoon I heard terrible news about a sick co- worker and then received an emergency phone call from my sister, about my dad. After finishing work we raced an hour and twenty minutes north to see our dad in the hospital.




Although he had a tough painful day, my dad was lying in a hospital bed and when the nurse asked how he was, his answer was, “Top Shelf ” with a smile on his face. This is the ultimate strength, perseverance and a positive uplifting attitude. It’s this man who I look up to and proudly say, he’s my dad.




Just one of his amazing wood projects, dad has such a talent!


I  am relieved to share that dad is home and resting. Hopefully he is on the mend and better days are ahead! It’s this scare that solidifies how much I love him and value him in my life.




Another hobby of dad’s, gardening. This is something that I love too.

Two little reminders slapped me in the face boldly…first trust God and give your problems to him and notice how he pulls you through every time. Second, when down and out there’s always some light of good to be optimistic about. Even if you are in a dark place, find the positive face and you may end up on the “ top shelf”.




All My Best,

Heart and Soul 💕




17 thoughts on “Top Shelf

  1. A great message for all. It’s so good knowing your Dad was so positive through it all. I’m sure you’re resting now too knowing he’s well and on the mend. It can be so tough when parents go through what they do as they age. It’s especially hard for us as one parent lived in Canada and passed away at 94 2 years ago. My mother lives in England, so I do visit every year, she’s approaching 90 this year.

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  2. I was so impressed by your article that reflected your feelings of humanity and your resolute faith in God. You are really a sensitive writer and I believe you could be a sensitive poet too! I request you to kindly order a copy of my book SUNLIGHT AND CIRCUMSTANCE from Amazon, go through it and leave a valuable feedback. I am sure you would like the poems in that Anthology which have been appreciated by people of various countries.

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  3. Mary this is a beautiful post. The love you have for your Dad is evident. I love your two ending wisdoms, trust God and see the good. I’m working on both of these things. Very glad I read this! Blessings to you, Mary and to your Dad and all who you touch in this blog ❤ ❤ Love, Debbie

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    1. Hi Debbie, Thank you for your kind comment! I’m trying to trust God more and I find when I do, He pulls me through. I’m so happy that you’re here and your wonderful blog! Many blessings to you. Love Mary 💜😉

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