This is a keeper and I think I’ll frame it. 




We all have bad days now and then. It’s simply a part of the package of life, even if you are the happiest person you’re bound to experience them. The other day was my bad day. I don’t need to share every detail that made it that way but trust me, it was horrible. Everything I said or did was booby trapped and I got to the point asking God, “ Really, is this a joke?”





When I get physically and emotionally tired, it seems that bad days turn into catastrophic events. It brings me back to my teenager days when my emotions were raw and would set me in a state of chaos. When I feel like this, I call my mom and she listens and says a sweet little prayer on the phone. Other times I reach out to my mother in law and friend, Theo, who lives in Florida now but we can connect by phone or messaging. I try not to give my problems to my husband and this is why, he’s tired many times because of work and I don’t want to add to his stress.




My horrible, awful really bad day hungrily fed my low self esteem and I started beating myself up over certain events. I stewed over it and cried salty tears that reddened my face and made my throat scratchy. This time I chose to call my sister and she was at my nephew’s snowmobile race so it wasn’t the best timing. While watching the race, Barb heard me out. She offered soothing words and a few minutes later I hung up, feeling a little better.




One crucial help that I forgot was calling on God. Every night I say my prayers and thank Him for my wonderful life and family, yet when I’m having a terrible day, His presence gets pushed under the rug. Why do I forget His promises of comfort during trying times? It’s a pattern that I repeat often and then when I look to him wearily,  he brings me up to a place of peace and comfort as warm as my softest blanket.



Yesterday my daily trip to the mailbox was a surprise…inside sat a blue envelope addressed to me, from my sister. I was tickled pink even before I tore it open because it had to be a card of some sort.


The cover was :

The GOOD in You is STRONGER Than Any Bad Day


My sister and I on my 40th birthday, a photo from her throwback Thursday album. 

This inspiration made me feel better! Knowing that my sister believes in me, caused me to question myself. Why can’t I do the same thing? As the self esteem battle continues from time to time, I know from deep within me that I need to put more energy in this project. I’m going to think about this and share my journey with you all.

Does anyone have some tips for me to try busting up low self esteem? Thank you, friends!

All My Best,

Heart and Soul 💗

16 thoughts on “The GOOD in YOU

  1. When I pretty much loathed myself in my late teens, I challenged myself to find one thing I liked about me. I figured I’d find more if I could find the starting one.

    I have great calves. I started there. Then I looked at my donating blood and saw not everything I did sucked. From there, I gathered little good things to keep me afloat the next time a down spell hit. All these years later, it still usually works. 🙂

    Hope the days ahead are kind 💕

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    1. I will look up the Psalms, especially 139. I think I need a Bible class and a good church to learn more about God. I’ve done the gratitude journal as well but not lately. Maybe I should write my gratitude of myself. 😉Thank you, Tammy. Happy weekend!💜

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  2. Oh, Mary, I love this!! You know one thing I do? I do little acts of kindness for myself, so that I know I am worthy of love. This includes tuning into my heart each morning and asking what I can do to nurture myself today. ❤ Hope that helps. This is a beautiful, beautiful blog – blessings to you and to your sister. Love, Debbie

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  3. Hi Mary– love that idea– bad days are “simply part of the package of life.” It’s true. We all have them– bad days, bad seasons, difficult years. But I agree God sees them through it all… And– cute picture with your Sis!! Love your blog! xox

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  4. I ALWAYS manage to write something, often a poem, when I am feeling very bad. and then I garden! especially sweeping up the leaves heaped on my terrace, from the friendly tree on the road, that cools my bedroom, cheers me up no matter how bad the day has been! sisters are just the best therapy!

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