Family Dinners

 Most of my married life, my family has sat at the table for dinner. That’s what our families did when we were young and we don’t know any other way. We believe that a meal together is strengthening and family building.






The family devouring a meal together is just one element of the sit down. It’s a time for conversation, laughing and catching up on everyone’s day. 
It’s a family connection and relationship builder. If there’s a problem, it’s spoken and another member may solve it. If you learned a new joke, share it with the family for a hearty laugh! 





Would you believe many young families don’t eat meals together? When do they talk, laugh, share or problem solve? I firmly believe that you need to use this precious time to build your family to be as strong as you want it to be. I think all our meals together helped raise our sons into thoughtful people and hopefully they will eat their meals at the table, together with their families someday.





 Years ago Dylan brought his phone to the table and I felt that it violated our personal time. After saying no, it never was an issue. He respected my wishes and I’m really grateful for that. If I had given in to it, dinner time would never be the same again. I know that many families won’t see cell phones or iPods at the tables as an issue. If your family freely uses them at the sit down meal, I have one question to ask, do you all still talk to each other? Chances are the answer is no and that blame lies on the device…it’s invading your family connection time.



My husband and sons at Thanksgiving.





As most of my readers know, our sons are out of the house living their own lives and having dinner on their own. Now Tom and I feel like we paid our dues and this means our dinner time can change the way we like. This winter has been drafty and cold and we long for eating our food in warmth. Many nights we eat dinner with tv stands in our livingroom, just a few feet from our cranking stove. We’re happy to relax and talk over a movie or show on Hulu.




I don’t feel guilty for abandoning our tradition because it continues when the boys and Lexie are home. We eat dinners at our dining room table and celebrate birthdays and eat cake and ice cream with Branden’s funny stories. They are special times and I wish that for your family. It’s these moments that make my husband and I truly happy, catching up with our kids and enjoying their company. Whenever we are all together or have family or friend guests, there we will eat, at the table. A place to connect, share and laugh.




 Do you think mealtime together forms a strong unified family? Do you have a no cell phone policy at the dinner table?



All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤

11 thoughts on “Family Dinners

  1. Nothing like sitting around a table with good food and company. I do think devices can wait till meal time is over. Our kids were all out of the house before smart phones came along. Good thoughts in this post!

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  2. Oh Mary – so true – so agree! We always ate family meals together at the table. It is so important for families. Hubby and I have become a bit more lax, but that’s ok. 35 years is a lot of meal time together 🙂

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  3. I couldn’t agree with you more on this one Mary!! The sweetest times were around the table at the end of the day– such a close nurturing time, the one part of the day we were all together. And now when the kids come home, I get a whole lot of joy just setting all the plates around the table again. They were almost all here the last couple weeks– lots of cooking!! Loved it. And— fun to see your family picks. Your house looks so cozy! Hope you’re staying warm and snug!! xox

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    1. Rhonda, I’m so happy for you that your family was together! My boys will be here on Easter, along with my parents, step mom and step dad,and sister and her family.Lots of dinner memories and valuable family you time! Thanks for the kind comment about our house. It’s a work in progress and we love it! Happy days, friend.💗


      1. Hi Mary– Your Easter sounds like a big happy noisy family time together!! Are you the cook?? Hope it’s a blessed day for you and your family. We’re going down to my brother’s house after church tomorrow– always a sweet time. Enjoy the wonderful family time! Blessings Mary. xox

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