Looking For the Best

Flipping through my journal recently, I found an entry from summer 2013. At that time I had been watching The Bachelorette and had jotted down a thought. One of her pursuers, Brooks, had said that he looks for the best in people. I want to be that kind of person, who gives people the benefit of accepting their shortcomings…for we all have them, right?



My sister, niece, mom and myself…looking our best!





Lately I’ve slipped away from this and have had negative feelings about people. That’s definitely not me or how I feel most of the time. Like anyone who gets wrapped up in a busy life, I tend to weaken and stray from my positive outlook. I realize that I set myself up for this by letting social media weigh me down and turn my mood.




My sister is good at listening to me and offering positive advice about relationships with people.




Looking for the best in people may take some work and steady gentle reminders to yourself.





Look past faults and focus on strengths.

Forgive when someone wrongs you, for maybe they are trying their best and they didn’t realize their actions would hurt you.

Always strive to look for the best in your spouse, your children, friends and co- workers!  Don’t they deserve that chance and unconditional love?




Wouldn’t you want someone to look for the good in you?


Thinking of it this way may make you realize that we are all human and most of us are trying to live and love the best we can.


Go about your day with the challenge of looking for positive qualities in a person, instead of focusing on the negative ones. I can guarantee you feel better about life and feel happiness for accepting others.



All My Best,

Heart and Soul 💗

What Beauty in NH!


When you live in a place for years, it’s common that you and your family explore the surrounding area. I’ve lived in New Hampshire most of my life and know the North country pretty well. Despite this, it never gets old. I still relish in the beauty of the snow capped mountains and the winding roads  leading somewhere special and the wooded forests. Is it odd that I wake up every morning gazing at our landscape and appreciating all of nature’s gifts? I don’t think so…it’s a profound love for my home, New Hampshire!

The other day Tom and I rode through Twin Mountain leading to Bretton Woods and the Mount Washington Hotel, nestled at the base of the Presidential mountain range. What a beautiful sight with monstrous mountains, frosted with a dusting of snow. This grand resort was built by Joseph Stickney in 1902. It was a booming success for years until the Prohibition Era and then the Great Depression hit. In years following renovations were made and currently the hotel is open all year, unlike the days of old when it was closed for harsh winters. It was declared as a National Historic Landmark in 1986.


We happily rode through Crawford Notch with good conversation humming and Dunkin’ Donuts coffee in hand. Tom and I both love gazing at the mountains and a few times I encouraged him to pull over so he could look with his binoculars.



My favorite spot is when the road gradually narrows and you feel like you’re being encased by ledges. Twists and turns guide you through an amazing sightseeing show. The air drastically changes and even in the car you feel the temperature plummet.

img_2738Eventually we reached small quaint towns bordering fun North Conway. We slowly passed the hanging motorcycle ( see my previous post) and looked forward to an exciting day of shopping and lunch.

I would recommend you to visit Crawford Notch, where a few trails and campgrounds rest. Stop at the Willey House at Hart’s Location, a historic  landmark where a landslide struck in 1826. There’s Mount Willard, a wonderful hiking trail that boasts spectacular views of the Notch and makes you feel unbelievably free.

Lastly I wish to convey the importance of loving where you live. I’m fortunate that both my husband and I truly love our home and the White Mountains. Our souls belong here and that’s one of the reasons we are so happy and content in our lives. If you don’t feel love or peace where you live, maybe you’re not where you belong. Seek places that appeal to your sense of wonder. Live where you rise everyday with a passion for your home and pride to call it that, HOME!

All My Best,

Heart and Soul 💗

The Mysterious Motorcycle


In a quaint little town on its main

an infamous landmark still remains

It’s a wondrous unusual delight

to see such a mysterious sight

It dangles from a twisty tree

For all passersby to admire and see

Rusted chrome and handlebars facing the street

The long lost engine and gas tank, incomplete

Suspended on a limb, it swings in the breeze

This blue motorcycle is quite a tease

As long as I can remember it’s been there

A mystery to wonder about and share

Whose bold bike was this, that is not too clean

A middle aged fellow, a woman or teen

What’s the real story that’s hidden in its frame

Is it someone’s legacy or was it a fun loving game

Did the owner ride with intense glee

and glide with the wind just to be free

I may never know or learn of his fate

But I can wonder and try to relate

I do know whoever rode in its day

Hung it proudly in his yard to stay

A steady symbol for all that love the ride

Grasp the handlebars and drive with pride.

As long as I can remember this motorcycle has greeted me while traveling through Bartlett, New Hampshire. It’s one of those mainstays that you don’t even think about but look for it every time. It handsomely swings in a lone tree in a front yard. This wonder reminds me of years ago traveling through Franconia Notch ( just minutes from my home) and searching for the Old Man on the Mountain. You had to look carefully but it was always there, greeting you, a mainstay until it fell in May of 2003. Now I still forget and look sometimes, missing it’s presence. I feel the same about the dangling motorcycle and secretly hope it will always be there!

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤


Prayer Flags


Prayer flags show the things we want all the world to have,

Something to make everyone happy,

the flags are hung  together and hung where we can blow prayers to the universe and grant the wishes of the flag’s maker.

It is said that hanging the prayer  flags will produce greater peace, happiness and health for ourselves, our loved ones and neighbors as well as the strangers around us.

– taken from a Prayer Flag at Flatbread Company

North Conway, NH

The other day while lunching at a great place in North Conway, New Hampshire,  something hanging from a rafter caught my eye. It was a colorful flag or banner and it had words inscribed all over it. Filtered sunlight shined on it and it seemed to have a peaceful glow about it. I immediately fell in love with the idea of a prayer flag, a way to spread peace and hang it for all to enjoy!  I decided that after we finished our delicious late lunch, I would attempt to snap a photo to capture the words.



Have you ever heard of prayer flags? I haven’t but they intrigue me so I had to do a little research. According to thepeaceflagproject.org, the history of prayer flags date back thousands of years ago. In Tibet native people flew these flags using the colors of the five elements, blue for the sky or space, white representing air and clouds, red for fire, green for water and yellow stood for earth. Later when Buddhism was born in the 7th century, monks would create the prayer flags with beautiful pictures and symbols. Flying them in the wind would send blessings to all and spread good throughout.

During this time, in our undivided country of the United States of America,we all could use unity and good feelings for each other. Let’s look away from politics and political parties for a bit and spread peace and goodwill throughout our hurting country. First of all, I believe daily prayers to God are in order for all of us. Praying for peace and understanding may help us get through our days, days of confusion and worry about where our government is headed. If you support what is going on in our government, perhaps you could try to make peace with people who find fault with it. We all have differing backgrounds and opinions and that what makes our country great. 




How about creating a colorful prayer flag for your home or garden? I plan to do so and have already researched do it yourself prayer flags on Pinterest. They come in different colors and sayings. You must create your flag knowing your heartfelt thoughts and words that mean something to you. Next, fly it in the wind, be sure to place it where the breeze can blow all the blessings around. You could make a string of flags, promoting peace and goodwill in your neighborhood.



Once I make mine, I’ll share it with you all. I plan to hang it in my garden but not sure how I’ll do it yet. Now do you think you’ll make a prayer flag? What meaningful words would you inscribe on the cloth and what colors would you choose?

All My Best,

Heart and Soul >3

Think good thoughts…what a nice saying to read while lunching!