Woodsy Neighbors in Spring








An early morning presents nature at it’s best,

with my cup of coffee and quiet moments.

Frosty air and clear skies welcome wild


Proud and skittish deer skirt the woods edge.

I notice that something lures them closer to the road.

It’s salt that the plow trucks scattered and

they lick it cautiously and look up now and then.

A gray squirrel performs a trapeze act in the nearest tree.

Mysterious tracks were left in the

depths of night.

A fox, perhaps?



Hilarious turkey theatrics

amuse as the Tom fans his goods

and courts all the surrounding hens.

Chickadee birds flutter and tweet, a song dear to my heart.

All the woodsy neighbors politely co- existing,

share the space with respect

and love for our home.

Upon watching these creatures’ presence

I am simply amazed!

With this week’s sporadic rain showers

and a dampness in the air,

snow piles are shrinking and brown grass

becomes uncovered.

Waiting for heavenly rich green grasses,  

this morn I spied my first robin

on the lawn!

A sure sign of spring!


What spring signs are you seeing now?


All My Best,


Heart and Soul






10 thoughts on “Woodsy Neighbors in Spring

  1. Yes, we are in northern New Hampshire in the United States. We usually have small signs of spring this month but sometimes have snow right through Easter. Our winters are hard here, much snow and cold temperatures and it starts in December. I’m ready for spring! Latvia sounds lovely and how magical it is to see willows bloom! Thanks for stopping by! ❤


  2. Good Sunday to you. This morning I saw 4 wild turkeys walking in a side pasture of our son’s home. Haven’t seen deer this time although they’ve been out there. Maybe this evening.

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  3. Lovely pics! I can’t believe you still have snow. We’ve just had a mini-heatwave over the weekend. I’ve seen so many photos of people with sun burn already this year.

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  4. Wow Mary!! what an amazing variety of wild life!! We have a couple gray squirrels nesting in our maple tree and we think that’s exotic!! Hope you’re still able to enjoy the beauty of the snow. It’s sure splendid in the photos!! Thanks for the peek of your beautiful neighborhood. so fun to be your blog buddy! xox

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    1. Thank you, Rhonda. The snow is just about all melted now. We’ve had nice warm weathering spring is here! Everyday the turkeys come on our law and across the street. We had wild animals at our last house but nothing like this. Tom thinks it’s because of the woods and we are on the edge of town. Whatever the reason is, I love seeing them. Take care.💕🌈


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