Welcome Home Nest


Do you know that exhilarating yet tiring

energy you feel when returning from vacation?

We, the hurrying travelers arrived home

in the midst of a cloudy afternoon.

Doors wide open, we anxiously hauled

our suitcases in with dangling tags from the handles.

Glancing towards our home in a sweet sentiment,

I spied long sprigs of dried grass hanging from the eave.

Upon a grassy bed almost hidden out of  sight 

laid a nest, welcoming us home.

Suddenly a Robin hurriedly flew in.

Her resting place for her young was

built while we were away.

She’s an opportunist!

While the house quietly sat,

she made no haste.

Now we are home

But she is too.

With kind hearts and open minds,

We leave the nest be.

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤

Isn’t it the best feeling to experience a wonderful vacation and then being able to go HOME? Home sweet home, wherever it may be that’s where we belong.



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