The Serenade of Peepers



It’s that time of year again, when the silent moments are magically transformed into  a pleasant melody from nature. My husband and I have listened to the serenade of the cheery peepers while lying in bed in the dark of the night and the early hours of dawn. I find it amusing that some people download these soothing sounds just to relax and we just need to go to bed or stroll outside for the same experience.







It’s something that I look forward to every year, a beautiful and enchanting sign of spring. It usually commences in mid or late April and lasts through May, so short lived. Our bedroom faces a little pond, about one hundred and fifty feet away from the house and far enough to be on the opposite side of the property, yet it seems so much closer! It is a loud and joyous tune, an orchestra of little male frogs calling for their mates from the forest and the pond’s edges.



Do you hear the peepers where you live? What other peaceful songs from nature do you relish to hear?

Happy Spring from my corner of the world!

All My Best,

Heart and Soul 💗













14 thoughts on “The Serenade of Peepers

  1. How lovely! We sadly can’t hear much at all through our windows – although that’s probably good, living in a flat. When they open we have bird song but no frogs.

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  2. At this point we are hearing some peepers and some American toads, which have a sweet tremolo call. Later the tree frogs will take over. There’s great info about New Hampshire’s amphibians at the NH Fish and game site, in their no game section. Includes pictures of tadpoles and agg masses and recordings for each kind!

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      1. Are you sure some of them aren’t toads at your house too? The calls are similar and largely heard at the same time of year and in the same places. If you listen to the recordings on that site it could turn out you have both kinds of performers.


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