Endless Rain




We’ve had so much rain here lately, that I feel like a duck. I desperately need sunshine and spring flowers to boost my mood! Instead Mother Nature has sent nonstop rains and clouds for weeks. I need tall boots, a rain slicker and an umbrella to cope with it. Despite being fed up with the deluge, I still welcome tinkling rain on the roof. Years ago I stayed at a house with a tin roof, ah what peaceful memories of rainy nights.

There’s something peaceful and calming

about rain sprinkling against a tin roof.


It lulls you to a magical realm.

Spring time and it’s rainy days

bring pelting and cold showers.


A lullaby soothing your soul.

It’s like a mama’s warm embrace.

Your mind quiets and welcomes rest.


Tucked in the sheets and cozy as can be,

slumber softly visits with a hushed tone,

as mother nature coaxes you fast asleep.


Rain falling on a tin roof.

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤

10 thoughts on “Endless Rain

  1. I hope all that rain is preparing your yard for lots of summer growth!! We’ve been in a 7 year drought here in California and just this winter saw more rain!! So I’m loving every rainy day here!! Hope your weeks going well Mary– what’s happening with you?? I’m staying with my daughter to watch new baby Lois for the week– loving it! xox

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    1. Oh Rhonda, that sounds like a special visit with your daughter and granddaughter! Enjoy every precious moment! A drought doesn’t sound good so I’m praying for more rain for your area. We’ve had three beautiful days here, sunny and hot. Many people say it’s too hot but I’ll take the heat after winter. Blessings to you and your family.💕


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