Lilac Beauty


A Lilac beauty…

stands in a pristine state.

It’s glorious perfume is divine.

Purple petals open to the sun.

Clusters of a grape tinge,

are immersed in a sea of green.

So lovely and delicate!

Early June days commence

as beautiful lilacs fade away.

Happy June days to all!

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤



12 thoughts on “Lilac Beauty

  1. Have a wonderful weekend soon my Roses and Peonies will begin to steal the show in my yard 🙂 Planted new blossoms in all of Epping’s planters our garden club does so our town looks pretty as people travel through. Will hit 3 plants sales then go to parents home for cuttings of their plants for us to all have at our home..

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  2. Sooo beautiful! My father-in-law grows lilacs on this trellis outside the kitchen door, but they look really diffrent! Did you write the poem– lovely!! Hope you had a great weekend! We had kids home– lots of noisy fun. xox

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