200 Posts!

Good Saturday Morning to you all! I just received a Word press message that announced that I have written 200 posts within the last 15 months! I have truly enjoyed every moment! Thank you for reading my posts, which is an act of faith in me and your genuine interest in my topics. It means the world to me and fuels my fire to keep writing and sharing my thoughts.


God Bless you all and have a wonderful day!

All My Best,

Mary aka Heart and Soul ❤

12 thoughts on “200 Posts!

  1. 200 posts! Awesome Mary– I’m glad to be one of your readers. And I know it’s fun to look back on the things you’ve written– like a little timeline of your life… Looking forward to more of yoru writing ahead… Glad to be your blog-buddy! xox

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    1. Thank you so much, Rhonda! I truly enjoy your recipes and reading about your family and life. It’s great to be blog buddies! Blessings to you and Happy Father’s Day to your husband! ❤


      1. That’s a wonderful way to celebrate! I made Tom breakfast and our oldest son Dylan gave him a toolset so they tinkered with it. We had a quiet restful day. I had spent Saturday with my dad and Tom’s dad passed away in 2003.


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