Be Still


Life in modern times is a go-go- go marathon crammed  full of workdays, commitments, and appointments. As an empty nest mother my routine has changed a bit and slowed down, but not as much as I expected. There are still work and house chores that must be met and then the rush takes over, especially when I’m working five days a week. Now summer is upon us and with that is the joy of our youngest son home from college. Summer days will run slower than the school year but even so there is always work and commitments to fulfill.



There are times I have to remind myself that the rush of life isn’t healthy or meaningful. We all need to practice being still. Just existing without being entertained or worked is difficult because we are not taught this. It’s an essential habit that we must learn. I am working on living this and it’s not easy because I’m used to loudness and being busy.







I notice that our American culture is focused on entertainment and keeping busy. Just look at most families and their practices with their children. Many families schedule clubs, sports and commitments intertwined with school. Ballet classes, soccer games, karate meets, and the list goes on!  With hectic schedules, what are we truly teaching our children? That they have to be scheduled and entertained? That being on the go is much more valuable than being still?



I disagree with this mindset and wish that mothers and fathers would wake up. I do realize all this activity is born out of love for their children but is it healthy? What will our society turn into if no one is taught to be still and live in the moment. Is it such as bad thing to stay home on weekends and sit in the grass or look up at the clouds? How about simply listening to nature or reading a book?







Here are some small ways I’m attempting to live in stillness and live with meditative intention:


Be still in the wee early hours of the morning. Drink your coffee or tea in peace. You don’t always need to talk, just savor it and quiet your mind. I like this time of day to pray or quietly reflect on life.


Be still when you are sick. I have a hard time with this one and don’t always  listen to my body when I should.  When you are sick, you need to rest. Everything else can wait, including work, family and  commitments because if you don’t rest, then it’ll take longer to join the rat race.


Be still in silence when praying. Clear your mind of that day’s happenings or what someone said to you in haste. Focus on your prayer intention. In the silence of the evening I practice prayer for family, friends and people I don’t know who need to be lifted up with His promise.


Take this tranquil pill everyday when you can take the time for you. It doesn’t matter when it is, whether it’s in the early morning or late at night. Close your eyes. Clear your thoughts and judgements. Breathe in and out, listening to your chest inhale and exhale. Simply be quiet and you will feel relaxed and reenergized. It’s a time of renewal for yourself….to just be. Do it for your well being everyday!


Sometimes it can be a true challenge but I attempt stillness in different ways everyday. It’s a form of meditation that’s good for your body and soul!


All My Best,


Heart and Soul ❤




15 thoughts on “Be Still

  1. So easy to get caught up in the rat race and many never realize it until they distance themselves. With time and intention we can undue what has become a way of life. I still have lots of work to do but the first step has been taken 💕😎🌹

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    1. You’ll get there, Pam. I’m not completely there yet either. I hope to get back to yoga with Lexie this week and walk more for meditation and exercise. It’s even hard to be still in the summer because there is always much to do. ❤🌈


      1. I’m sorry it took me so long to respond. Your comments somehow got into a spam folder that I didn’t know I had. I’m taking some time to learn more about my dashboard so it won’t happen again. 😉


  2. You’re so. Right. Mary. I think that’s. Why. People. Today. Are. Much. In. A. Hurry. Never. Was. Tough. To. Just. Do. Nothing. And. Be. Quit. Love.

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  3. “Be still and know that I am God.” thanks for the reminder Mary– I really am more of a do-er than a quiet be-er and need to be intentional about quiet still times before God, to open my soul to him and drink in his peace and care for me. You said it so well… thank you friend. xox


  4. Oh, Mary! Thank you. ❤ Stillness is a key intention of mine for a positive direction spiritually. I'm remembering a quote, "Be still and know that I am God." Sooo speaks to me.

    Blessings to you, Mary. Be well.
    Love and Light,

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