Grow Up!



My sister-in-law used to have an interesting sign in her garden

which stated, GROW UP!

It amused me to no end because it could have two meanings.

The minute I spotted it,

with a little chuckle,

I imagined a teenage girl yelling this at her younger

brother who may have teased her incessantly.

True story for many.

A casual whisper to the roots in the soil

may help with some sunshine

and water. ( you know what they say

about people talking to their plants!)


But unlike the catty girl,

my whisper will be in a gentle yet pleading tone.


Grow up and flourish!



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Our corn is coming well…things are starting to grow. The whispering helps!

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤

12 thoughts on “Grow Up!

  1. Oh how I miss my big garden, the long hours of planting, weeding, and watering. Not to mention talking to each and every plant. I have grown to love my little piece of land I now have. Perfect for this time in my life. My garden was always my alone time to reflect and be thankful for all we had.

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    1. It definitely is my peace this time of year and like you, I feel grateful for all that we have when I’m in it. I can understand the need for change and your yard is so lovely and just the right size. As years go on I will downsize, it’s not the work as much as trying to give it away. I don’t want people coming and picking and relying on it…but want to give as a gift with no expectations. If that makes sense. 💗


  2. Corn! Love summer corn! What else do you have planted?? We just have swiss chard, loads of tomatoes and basil. We picked our fist little tub of tomatoes this week! Do all your neighborhood animals (deer…) nibble on your garden?? Hope it all sprouts up well Mary!! Happy eating! xox

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    1. Wow, you already have tomatoes? We always have to wait until August and September…our growing season is so different. Corn won’t be ready until that time as well.We have had animals in it in the past…deer, woodchucks, small rodents, even turkeys. Last year my dad gave us some simple fencing and that seems to deter most of them besides the little guys who can fit through the fence. I love my garden and try to go out every day or every other. How big is your garden? I like Swiss chard and love Basil, have them too. Happy gardening! Blessings to you💗


      1. Our vegetable garden is just a 6′ square. At our house, I plant flowers and Larry does the veggies. So next year when he’s retired, I’m expecting big things in the vegetable garden! take care friend. xo

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  3. wow that is real magic happening right in front of you! Fresh corn tastes so good! I must admit that ever since American corn sneaked into our grocery stores here, we have all switched to buying it because it is so soft and yummy and easy to cook! and butter added to it is just wonderful!

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