Looking Back and Ahead



Recently I was rummaging through old digital images and found these keepers from 2014. Surprisingly I have never shared them and forgot them in this busy whirlwind of life. It was an emotional time as our family was getting ready to say good luck to our oldest son, Dylan as he made his way to college in Maine. Branden was still in high school and entering his junior year. 




maine1 (2)




This October trip was our last one as a family and I could already feel significant differences. Our boys weren’t boys anymore but strong young men with dreams and hopes for their futures. As they walked the path to the ocean, I couldn’t help compare it to their new lives. Looking out upon the vast and open ocean, perhaps my sons thought of their uncertain but exciting future! The never ending water symbolized their journey into the unknown real world. No more mom and dad holding their hands or life in a small town as they knew all their lives. 








The few family vacations we ventured on were to the beach at Ogunquit, Maine. Years ago, as little active boys they would run and kick the sand and chase after the seagulls. Wading in and out of the rushing in tide could entertain them for hours. We would laugh and play and soak in the sun. Those memories will live with me forever. 




This trip they gazed at the ocean, sat in the sand and walked up to the approaching tide. It was a chilly but bright October day with few crowds. Most people were bundled in coats or sweatshirts and merely walked the ocean’s edge unlike the brave summer swimmers from months before. 






I feel grateful beyond belief that Tom and I had all this God given time with our sons. Now, as they start their new lives, we welcome all their stories and life experiences and offer wise advice when they ask for it. This is a happy and joyful time of our lives where we look forward to our family expanding and being grandparents someday!




What a blessing to find these pictures during a time I feel nostalgic of family times. This wasn’t the best of trips but just as meaningful and I’m so happy that we did it that weekend and enjoyed our sons as grown men!




All My Best,

Heart and Soul >3



8 thoughts on “Looking Back and Ahead

  1. awh! nostalgia. sweet memories. but there is so much yet to come sweet Mary. hopefully weddings and babies in a few years. Those in between ones are a bit tough – but use it to find YOU – discover yourself – do what YOU love to do – when our life and our whole being is wrapped up in being a mom – that can sometimes be a hard time to let go of – but you will get through – and hopefully find a deeper you in it! It means you’ve done good – you’ve done your job – but it is so hard to let go. 🙂 ❤

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    1. Jodi, this is truly so thoughtful and kind of you! Yes it’s tough but I’m working my way through it by getting to know myself as a woman and not a mom or wife because most of my married life has focused on those roles. I know I’ll get through with the loving support of my blogging friends such as you! Happy days to you! ❤

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  2. Some memories are harder to look back on without the emotions welling up that we felt at the time. How exciting to have two young men each traveling their own journey that you and Tom will share in. We never truly let go of our children. They are always just seconds from our thoughts, always trying to nurture and support them 💕🌹no matter where they are in their lives.

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    1. Yes, Pam, I think it’s a female thing that mothers do and dads feel it but differently. I find I’m more sensitive the older I become. So true that we moms never let go and then that extends to grandchildren too. Thanks for reading today. I hope you have a great day!<3


  3. You’re right Mary– times with our kids get even dearer as they grown up and launch into their own lives. I’m up in our kids guestroom right now (while the little ones nap). So fun to be with them all for a week… So is Branden going away to school?? Do you have the guys home for the summer?? I know they must make you proud… hugs hugs!

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    1. Hi Rhonda, enjoy your time with the kids!Making memories is what is life is all about!Branden is home for the summer and has a full time joLowe’s. He seems to like it and it’s a good experience for him. Have a wonderful weekend!😉❤️😁


  4. So far so good…I just wish the weather was nicer here. We’ve had so much rain that I feel like a duck. I would love more sun! You must have lots of sun there! Have a great day!😎🇺🇸


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