Tall Pine

A side glance at tall pine to the right during the fall season. 
Tall pine thriving during a snow storm. What a beauty!



Tall pine majestically towers over our yard

magically scattering pine needles upon the grass and in the garden.

It’s the last of the neighborhood kind…

except one other

several hundred feet up the road.

Perhaps it’s guarded for a hundred years

and seen families come and go!

If it could murmur our stories

what would it share of us all?

It’s weathered the storms and treacherous winds,

constantly shedding limbs but still remains mighty!

In spring and summer it scatters needles here and there.

Bold frosty winter coaxes pine to  rest

as it holds heaps of snow

upon its branches.


Our home was once called ” the Pines” ,

where these giant trees encompassed the acres,

four bold beauties just in our front view.


Will Tall Pine remain while we live and love here?

Will it be struck down in front

of our bewildered eyes?

We just don’t know it’s fate!

In the meantime we look up at it

and revel in it’s enormous beauty and stature.

It deserves this place,

a sacred spot on our land

and in our hearts.


All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤



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12 thoughts on “Tall Pine

    1. Loretta, it is beautiful for sure. We have one last pine tree as the three others were taken down before we moved here. It towers over our yard and I hope if it ever comes down it doesn’t fall on the house! Blessings to you! ❤


  1. Don’t you love trees Mary??! You’re right- they stand for ages beyond all our coming and going. Larry’s folks have a liitle cabin up in Big Bear surrounded by tall pines and i love to sit out on the porch and read and listen to the wind swishing through the pine branches. Beautiful post. hugs hugs friend.

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    1. We love winter but it’s very long here over six months. By February we tire of it and long for spring. I guess if we didn’t have snow like you, we would long for it as well. Blessings to you, friend.


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