A Family of Marys

MaryGouldwithdaughters Sandra and Janice
My grandmother Gould with my Mom as a baby and my Aunt Sandy.










three Marys
A blurry black and white of three Marys, my cousin Mary ( Ellen), my grandomther Mary( Elizabeth) and me as a baby ( Mary Elizabeth)






When I was a mere squirt I remember being called, “ little Mary” from my aunt Sandy and her family. The reason being was that we had a few Marys and it got confusing when all of us were around each other. I liked the nickname for it made me feel special in some way.




My great grandmother was a Mary, my maternal grandmother was Mary Elizabeth, ( who I was named after!), my cousin on my maternal side was Mary and yet another cousin on the paternal side Mary. I must include my sweet sister-in=law Mary Ellen! She is a dear person and continues the Mary tradition. All my love to her. Whew….that’s a lot of Mary’s for the family to sort out and differentiate from!




Mary EWrightgraduation
My grandmother’s  high school picture



I’m proud of my given name and I believe that the old world origin fits my personality. Sometimes I feel like an old soul and that living long ago would have suited me, especially in Victorian times. I’m truly grateful that my mom and dad named me this!



Do you have a well used family name that stays alive by being passed on? I hope you do…there’s a lot of history and meaning in a name.



All My Best,

Mary aka Heart and Soul


28 thoughts on “A Family of Marys

  1. Yes. Mary. Mine. Is. Ruby. Had. Aunt. Ruby. Granddaughter. Ruby. Now. A great. Grand. Daughter. Ruby. Names. Mean a. Lot. And family. Coniched. To them. Love your. Blogs. So proud of. U.

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  2. Sweet post Mary! It’s nice to have a name that means something! We have 3 Marks and 2 Brads in our family– So they tend to be young Mark and young Brad– although they are grown and married now! Love the photo of your grandmother in high school– such a sweet face. Fun to get to know your family a little better! hugs from here!

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    1. Hi Rhonda, thank you for your sweet comments. It sure does mean a lot! We also have two Davids in our family, my dad and oldest brother so we always called him Davy.. Mark and Brad are such strong names!I hope you have an enjoyable weekend! Blessings to you.💕🌈

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  3. Aw this is really sweet. I love the sound of little Mary. I don’t share my name with anyone in the family but I have a friend whose name is the same as her MILs – they decided to have different surnames to sort the confusion :-).

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  4. I’m just finding your post and think it’s a wonderful introduction of you for me as I click the follow button. My parents say I was going to be “Chris” no matter whether I was a boy or girl (they didn’t want to know ahead of time). xx

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  5. Love that high school photo of your grandmother Mary. A name that came down through generations in our family but stopped with my sister is Vera.

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  6. Oh Mary! ❤ I love this. Your grandmother looks like a beloved woman. Did you know her well?

    Mary is such a lovely name, so peaceful for me. My name – Deborah – actually means judge from the bible! And a wise judge at that, big for a woman in those days. I always thought that was neat.

    Blessings to you Mary. Really nice post. Debbie

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    1. Hi Debbie, yes, my ” nanny” was the closest grandparent I had! She encouraged me to write and set up a meeting with a local Vermont author and I remember it well. Deborah is a beautiful name and I didn’t know it meant that! Thanks for stopping by, friend. Hugs❤️❤️❤️

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