Spare Room Project

This is where we started…a tiny room sandwiched between two larger rooms and the house chimney. It has one window overlooking our gravel driveway but if you look beyond, you can spy our garden, pond and the woods. 


If you look closely you’ll see my little Katie the cat ” helping”



My son has been out of his room for almost two years and I believe it’s time to clean out his room and redecorate. I got this ambitious thought in December, hoping that this huge project could happen in January. We’ve tinkered at it for months and finally got serious about finishing, months later in July. Better late than never, right?




Dylan used the closet although it was unfinished.




Dylan and Lexie came to sort through his things.I brought boxes from school to help pack all his belongings. Scattered boxes and items filled the room, almost making it an insurmountable feat to know where to begin. We fastidiously boxed his belongings up and put on  our storage floor in my husband’s new garage. All his belongings will be there when he needs them. They rent a small apartment and don’t really have much room.




Another picture of how rough the closet was.





Painting the room only took a day. Tom worked on the ceiling and trim, while I painted the walls with a roller. We chose Silver Feather Behr paint from Home Depot, an off white color with hints of gray. I think a solid gray  would’ve been too dark so I’m pretty content with our choice.





Then Tom put up sheetrock in the closet. Next we grouted places and sanded it down. After a coat of primer paint, we were ready for the top coat, more Silver Feather. It seemed tedious painting the closet ( probably because we needed to do the two coats) but after a few days of laboring, we were done!




Second stage, putting it together

This is the smallest room in the house. On it’s left is the master bedroom that you step down into and on the right another large bedroom with two windows overlooking the street.



Time to make the bed!



The Final Result


My rocker my mom gave us

Most windows in our house bear bamboo shades. It gives it a country feel and fits with our rustic cedar home. I made the bed with a yellow and green quilt my mom made us years ago. It looks comfy! How fortunate we are to have relatives hand us down furniture. Tom’s mom gave us many pieces including the gorgeous brass bed! It served as our bed for years until it was replaced.



There’s a great narrow space bordering the chimney where I slipped the iron board into.

A rustic closet



We made the decision to install the coat rod higher in the closet, so that we could build storage shelves later on. I love the rustic feel to it as well as the wood laminate floor. We had leftover wood planks from the bedroom and kitchen. Why not use them up in a small closet? Tom installed a sliding door, making it easy to go in and out.




People say spare room closets are a gift for they serve as another storage space in the home. Right away I hung up winter coats there and stashed a basket of hats and gloves in the corner.


Here it is, a little look at our our spare room! It’s  finally finished and we can breathe easier. It mainly will be for my mother in law and close family when they visit. Other times I may use it for a quiet space to write.

Blessings to you all. ❤

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️


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