Seeking Stillness at the Lake


Imagine a comfortable warm afternoon at the lake. As you sit on the beach, you dig your toes in the smooth sand, getting lost in the luxurious heat. The lake smells of a fresh earthy scent, yet there is a faint musty odor as well. People smell of sunscreen rubs and bug spray. Wet dogs shake their hair upon emerging from the lake.



Many families are spending their vacation here, at the Mountain Lake Campground, nestled in the northern mountains of New Hampshire. Laughs ring throughout the beach, an indication of content families basking in vacation togetherness.




I sit by myself reading a book. A few years ago I would’ve been on edge and not truly relaxing. The boys would’ve been swimming in the lake, racing to the dock a few yards away while I worried if I could help them if they struggled. I’ve never been a good swimmer and almost drowned when I was 8. This still haunts me today, especially if I’m in charge of little ones in the water.


This day at the beach is a stark difference. The boys are not here and are working this day. It’s my mother in law’s and my twelfth year camping together but the first one without children. My husband has a busy work schedule in the summer with his lawn business and part time job for the town, forcing him to skip most of the camping trips. There were a few times he could camp and so we would race away for the weekend, towing the pop up camper with two excited boys.


This beautiful day as I sit in my quiet reflective thoughts, I thank God for my body being still. I really have a hard settling myself and giving in to relaxation. This moment at the beach is pure serenity, stillness that is unmatched. I also praise Him for giving me the gift hearty laughter of the families and my ability to enjoy it and smile with them. I am genuinely happy for them.


The silent lake holds the key to my stillness and serenity. The water calmly ripples ever so gently from a kayak cutting through it. In the left swampy corner, one can spot a sea of white, water lilies creating a beautiful scene. Overlooking the glossy tranquil  water stands strong stately mountains, guarding the lake with clusters of pines and firs growing around its circumference. I wonder which animals congregate within them.





When you clear your mind of racing thoughts and jarring problems, you’re on the path to stillness. Open your heart to peace and acceptance of the moment. It’s a must that you give your body complete permission to allow it to happen, to enter relaxation and let go of everything. Maybe you can’t visit the lake and beach often and that’s okay. Seek a peaceful spot in your yard, perhaps under a special tree. Use that spot to be still and with that, your every being will cherish the peace.






All My Best,


Heart and Soul ❤


6 thoughts on “Seeking Stillness at the Lake

  1. So tranquil and beautiful Mary! You described it perfectly. I can imagine camping without children would be a whole different experience. And–I almost drowned when I was 8 as well– in a lake with my sis. I remember the bubbles going up and hitting the surface of the water above our heads– So I still don’t like going under the water! So glad you had this beautiful week away with your mother-in-law as well. Thanks for the pictures– makes me want to go camping!! xox

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    1. My almost drowning incident was at a lake as well a t My Best friend’s grandma’s camp. Thankfully she came out of the cottage and saved us. Yes, camping was quite different without the kids, bittersweet. Love and light to you❤️🌈


      1. I know what you mean about missing kids– We spend the last 10 days with kids–wedding & traveling. So fun! But now we are on our own ’til Tuesday. So it’s quiet and tranquil, but I miss them too. How’s your garden coming along?? And are you back to work?? xox

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  2. Hi Rhonda, your ten days with the kids sounds like fun…good for you guys. Quiet time alone is precious too! Tom and I plan to have some little weekend trips after Labor Day and we drop off our son at college. Our anniversary is coming up too so we’ll go out to dinner to celebrate.
    The garden is growing uncontrollably! Tomatoes are huge! I picked my first and a few cherry tomatoes the other day. How are things with you? Blessings to you and Larry😎💕


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