The Doggy Dock

Recently I enjoyed a fun camping trip at Mountain Lake Campground in Lancaster, New Hampshire, about 40 minutes from my home. One of my inspiring highlights was what I witnessed at the beach, an amusing display of doggy family fun.



Relaxing people sat here and there on the beach and on the bordering grass. A proud Golden Retriever pranced along the perimeter of the beach, like a royal prince entering his castle. Suddenly a little brown dog yipped at his heels, disheveling  his cool demeanor. A chaotic chorus of dogs’ barks rang throughout the beach, igniting the owners’ chuckles and amusement. This spectacle was much better than my slow book, capturing my attention throughout.



The doggy dock is sandwiched between the campground’s fishing dock and the swimming rope barrier. It’s just big enough for three or four owners and their pets. This day a content owner and a few other campers stood with their dogs intent on play and leisure. Upon releasing his dog’s leash, the camper snapped his wrist and energetically thrust the stick several feet in the water. There was a simultaneous splash of the Golden and little dog, jumping in the lake amid laughing families. It was amusing to see the prince like Golden keep swimming into the lake. I guess he felt free and just wanted to keep going, much to his owner’s chagrin.



Laughter and pure fun lived on that beach that day. Families that were strangers became fast friends, all orchestrated by their dogs. I notice that the commonality of dogs brings people together, something I am not familiar with. You see, I’m a cat person….dog lovers ,don’t judge me by this, but it’s true. I’ve had a few cats over the years and have grown quite fond of how they are. Despite this, I wish they would be able to play fetch. That’s unheard of, especially in pools of water. Cats just don’t do that and the only object they may fetch is a catnip mouse but it would have to be on their terms.



The special moments passed, as swiftly as they began and I decided to pack up. As I folded up my metal beach chair and packed away my book, I briefly reflected on this scene. Through all the barking and laughing, I saw complete love. Dogs and all pets bring a deep joy to their owners, a happiness that is an entity all itself. I’m blessed that I witnessed this and genuinely happy for the content campers and their dogs!





I hope you all are enjoying the summer or whatever season you are immersed in now. Let me know if you have a dog or cat and what your favorite moments are.

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤



20 thoughts on “The Doggy Dock

  1. Sounds like some good entertainment. We do not have dogs or cats. The only pets we’ve had since married were a couple rats that our daughter enjoyed and trained. We didn’t buy them for her. Her older brother and a friend of his bought them for a school science project and Katie fell in love with them so when the project was completed she inherited them…sigh.

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      1. Yep, home and settled in again. Nice weekend here– a friends beautiful wedding and last night a retirement dinner here for my oldest friend. Now it’s Monday–back to laundry and errands. Hope your week is starting well… hugs Mary!

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      2. Hi Rhonda, you must be happy to be home! Going away is good too but great to come back home. What a nice weekend for you. I am off to a great start…today was the first day of school for me besides staff development last week. It was great to see the kids again! Blessings to you, friend.🌷❤


      3. Oh gosh Mary– I know what you mean– it is fun to get back to the kids in the fall. Hope it’s a great year ahead for them. They are blessed to have you! Happy Back to School! xox


      4. Awe, thanks, Rhonda. I am blessed to be able to work with these kids! I won’t take groups for a few weeks but I’ll help in the Kindergarten classes. My best to you.❤🌈


      5. Hi Mary– I know the kindergarten teachers will love you for that! it’s such a transition for those little guys. When I taught kindergarten years ago, my mom would come and help with distressed kids the first couple days!! Hope you’re settling in well back at work! xox

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      6. Oh gosh Mary– we did Dibbles too! It gives info that can be useful– but the best part is just listening to kids read one on one and getting a sense of where you think they are. Keep up the good work! You are amazing. xox

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      7. Hi Mary– it’s funny, I loved teaching clear to the end, but now I’m surprised I don’t miss it much with so many other things I finally get to do! (and I tutor immigrant kids in Spanish on Wed. mornings so I get a little bit of teaching in…) Take care friend. hugs!

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      8. I’ve heard that from many retired teachers. They loved what they did but totally moved on to other things once they left. I have about 17 or so years before retirement so I’m going to enjoy it every year but I get tired and need the vacations. All My Best to you❤

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