Where Did You Meet Your Spouse?

If you were to marry your spouse where you met, where would it be?


I saw this post on Facebook and it triggered a writing inspiration. I met my husband through my mother-in- law. We worked together at Butson’s deli and became friendly. She invited me to dinner after work one night, a delicious shrimp creole. I remember great loving conversation and soon after dinner, my father-in-law Bob and husband Tom arrived home from a work trip at her daughter’s house.




I’ve told this story many times, but never on my blog. My  first impression of her son was that he was a very handsome man. I felt my insides quiver and I shook his hand, not knowing that I would marry this guy. Tom shook my hand and disappeared to the bathroom for a shower. I stayed a few more minutes but left when he didn’t come out. I’m told that when he finally came back to the dining room, he asked, ” where did she go?”






Soon after we met at his house for dinner, our first date. Tom made chicken fingers and French fries in a small broaster. After we played Monopoly and explored his back yard, where there was a pond. The most romantic gesture he’s ever revealed happened next. Much to my surprise, this 32- year old man took me out in his row-boat on the pond. As he rowed to and fro, I beamed with happiness and absorbed the peaceful scene. This vivid memory lives deep in my heart.



Tom and I met at his parent’s house in New Hampshire in 1993. Two years later we had an intimate wedding with 50 family members and friends at the same house, right in front of the same family pond. He had enlarged this water hole with his dad years before, rowed me across it that first date and finally married me there.💕

Where did you meet your spouse? I would love to hear your story.

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤

15 thoughts on “Where Did You Meet Your Spouse?

  1. Awww what a sweet story, I often wonder where people have met their spouses. Ours makes for a good story actually, we usually get raised eyebrows when we tell friends where we met. “In a jail in Toronto” :)) Then they go on to ask which one of us was behind bars. 🙂 We were actually a Catholic Youth Group that volunteered in the jail once a month, and my husband ran those monthly meetings. Till today, we have always sought to reach out and volunteer in a lot of different ways. Good topic 🙂

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  2. Sweet story of how you met! Dear and I met at a church where my best friend was singing with the group Dear was part of. Several months later we went on our first date and the rest is history.

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  3. Hi Mary- I’m afraid my story is not as lovely as yours. We met in college. I noticed him down the row in psychology class and later a mutual friend introduced us. But I have a better story. My daughter (who married John a couple weeks ago) was working on her computer in a coffee shop in Chicago. She noticed him and I guess he noticed her too, because when she went up to pay for her coffee and bagel, she realized she didn’t have her wallet. She told the clerk she’d run home and get it, but John jumped up and said he’d be glad to pay for her coffee & bagel. That’s how they met– and they had a fun 3 day campout wedding in the woods — August 12th. Fun to read everyone’s comments. Great question Mary!! hugs!

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    1. I think your story is lively as well…meeting in college is special. Imagine a wedding in Psychology class! I like your daughter’s story too! Fate brought them together, the fact that they were both in the coffee shop at the same time. Love and light to you!😘🌷

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