Amazing Art





There are days I wonder what my son Branden is accomplishing at college. I do know that whatever project he’s immersed in is a total commitment and that he will work to the best of his ability. Recently he shared his latest 3D project with us, sastifying my curiosity.




Upon first sight I thought that the pieces were black and white photos. Branden created this on his computer, a replica of the college computer lab. The specific details such as the chair wheels and the fold in the chair backs impresses me. It takes tremendous concentration to create them to resemble the real things.


Here’s a shout out to all artists who work with an intense passion for your art. Like you, my son is an artist, in a modern way as he works on his computer. I’m very proud of his accomplishments and look forward to his future designs.


All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤



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