Random Facts About Me

Have you ever wondered about your bogging friends? I have a few friends who share random facts about themselves and I enjoy learning about their lives and interests.


1. Favorite smell? pumpkin spice or apple

I believe the apple and spicy pumpkin scents are my favorites because they depict fall, my favorite season. I love to burn candles with both scents.



2. Favorite flowers? star-gazer Lily

It’s difficult choosing a favorite because I love all flowers!  Star-gazer lilies stand out because they were in my wedding bouquet.💗




3. Did you go to college? Yes

Twice. First as an ambitious 19-year-old wanting to get out of my home town. I went to Newbury College, a little technical college based in Brookline, Massachusetts. I only attended one semester and then scurried back home to rethink my dreams. I really just went to get away, so I chose close to Boston and the college had dorms in Boston. The second time I was in my thirties and I really knew that I was interested in Elementary Education. At that point I had a family and job and although it was a challenge and it took 7 years of taking one class at a time, I finally received my degree.



4. Favorite pastime? Reading and writing for my blog!

Most of the time I use my iPad to write my posts, starting with drafts and work on them for a few days, sometimes weeks. I don’t have a writing office where I can set up shop and pen my thoughts. It’s done in a comfy arm-chair in our living room.


5. Favorite Color? torn between green and blue

I tend to be drawn to green because it’s earthy and keeps me grounded and calm. Blue is also a favorite because it’s the color of the sky and the ocean. Most of my clothes are either black, blue or green.

6. Tattoos? no, I don’t but I may get one someday. I’ve thought recently that if I did get one, it would be the tree of life.  There’s something grounded about a lone tree. 🌳


7. Night owl or morning person? I like getting up early in the morning to just breathe and prepare for the day. On the other hand I stay up a little later than my husband to read or watch movies.

8. Favorite day of the week? Saturday! It’s my quiet day, cleaning frenzy, catch up with friends and family day. Many Saturdays I make a crock pot meal and dessert and Tom and I watch a good movie.

9. Pictures on your wall? Yes, I can proudly say some of the artwork on our walls is made from my mom and dad. They both have artistic talent and lovingly share their pieces with their family.

10. Who makes you proud? My sons and my husband ❤️ My husband is a hard-working family man, someone who is kind and generous to others. My two sons are also good people, the kind of men who listen and respect others. They are kind, caring and motivated to do well in their lives. They both make Tom and I extremely proud!

What about you? Choose a question or two and respond so that I can learn a little about you!

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️

Our little renovated home masked by tall pine.


14 thoughts on “Random Facts About Me

  1. First– Love love the photo of yo and the boys Mary!! Awesome! And I’m wondering if you really have a tattoo in your future?? We have a friend who got a little flower on her ankle for her 83rd birthday!! Fun fun post! Like getting to know you a little better! xo

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  2. Hello there. I just stumbled across your blog and enjoyed your list. And the picture of you sandwiched between your tall boys. Very nice. Your wedding picture under the gazebo looks very much like our wedding. We were also standing under a white lattice archway on a sunny day in the country. I look forward to reading more from you. 😊

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    1. Hi Lisa, thanks for stopping by! I checked out your blog and enjoyed reading a few posts! That’s cool that you got married under a lattice too! We were married at My in laws house in front of the pond. Have a great weekend!😃

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      1. Oh my gosh you will not believe this we got married at my husband’s farm so it was at my in-laws house in front of a pond. Too funny. We now live in the house on the farm.

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  3. Fun questions and I enjoyed reading your answers. Great shot of you and your boys! Good for you for persevering to get your degree. That is one large tree! Love your shingled? home.

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