Christmas Wrap Station


Every Christmas I have quite a variety of wrapping papers, ribbons and tags for wrapping. Years ago I did something clever and organized by buying a tall  container to store all the rolls. That way I could be mobile and wrap in any room I wished. Most years I tug out the container and watch It’s a Wonderful Life while peacefully wrapping in front of the Christmas tree. What a joy it is to give and wrap the present!


You see, I think I have a wrapping paper addiction! Our former employer Mrs. Geneen had a special wrapping room with hundreds of rolls of wrap. Every color of the rainbow and prints of quaint villages, snowmen and vintage Santas lay in big pull out drawers. A large table was set up for working elves on Christmas Eve. Ever since I saw Mrs. G’s layout I’ve wanted a good variety of Christmas paper. I did resist buying new wrapping paper this year because I know I have more than enough.


This year I wanted more organization and since we have a spare room no one is using, I set up shop in there. On a little cardboard table I have a wrapping station of wrap rolls, a place for bags, a station for tags, scissors and tape. I guess I’ll wrap on the table if I move the rolls or on the bed. All the packages and presents are in the room ready to be lovingly wrapped.



Do you have a wrapping tradition? Is it a random action or do you put a lot of thought into it? I have to admit that even though I enjoy wrapping presents I’m not that great at it! On the other hand my husband is very precise with it and does a wonderful job! He could be one of those quick wrapping department store clerks!

I hope that this year you find wrapping is fun and not a pain! Play festive music, have a glass of wine or a cocktail and enjoy it!

All My Best,

Heart and Soul 🎁

13 thoughts on “Christmas Wrap Station

  1. Oh I love wrapping gifts too but my wrapping paper collection is nowhere as neatly put as yours. I love the one with the snowmen.


  2. Love this Mary!! I really like wrapping packages too. And also I really like heading over to my mom’s and wrapping all her packages (and she has so many with her 4 married kids, grand-kids, great grandkids!!) with my sister. It’s fun to sit and talk and wrap away the afternoon. And I keep a tub with wrapping supplies too, because my kids always show up with unwrapped presents, looking for paper etc!! Merry Christmas friend!! xox

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    1. Rhonda, your wrapping day with your sister and mom sounds like fun! I think I’m going to ask Tom to wrap with me and maybe we can play music and have fun! Rhonda, my son Dylan sends his packages here and then wraps them here too so Lexy will be surprised!Have a magical season with your family and friends. Hugs❤


      1. so many packages, so many secrets swirling around! Our kids left to visit friends on Saturday so I took the chance to drag out presents and wrap away while they weren’t in the house to see!! Happy wrapping Mary! xox

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  3. I have lots of room to grow in the wrapping part of Christmas. I think this year I’ll set a small table up in front of the TV and get it going. All my stuff is in bins and so I can move them around to wherever I set up the station.

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