Take Time For R & R

Every Christmas season I end up being exhausted or sick. A whirlwind of commitments take over and along with work at school and my housework, there’s not much time to relax. For years my wish was to slow down and take time for me. Now our house just has us here and things are slowing down. On weekends I’ve been trying to squeeze r & r in my days. My favorite things to do is read, write my blog and watch Christmas movies.

Here are some of my suggestions for busy moms and wives to indulge in r& r

* Watch a holiday movie, better yet do a Christmas movie marathon


* Take a bubble bath and light a candle nearby


* Look through old cookbooks and plan to make a meal or dessert. I do this with my cookie magazines and enjoy it very much


* Call a friend or family member and strike up a conversation. This beats a quick message or text


* Go for a winter walk when it’s snowing…it’s so magical!


* Take a family drive to see neighborhood Christmas lights


Everyone needs rest this time of year, healing therapy for your body and mind. With relaxing and taking good care of yourself, you are banking on healthy and pleasant days ahead! Don’t let the stress of the season take over!


All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤️








28 thoughts on “Take Time For R & R

      1. I’m not sure but I’ll tell you I don’t really walk when it’s that cold! We have snow coming tomorrow for Christmas and my husband has to plow. We celebrated today as he won’t be here tomorrow. Blessings to you. Merry Christmas to you and your family!🎄🎁


      2. Stay snug and warm Mary!! I admire your husband for going out and making the roads safe for everyone!! How was your celebration?? We are finally winding down here– the house is awash in Christmas clutter and this evening most the adults are off watching Star Wars–so it’s quiet at last!! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!! hgus hugs!

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      3. It’s supposed to get below zero the next few days. I’ll be cozy near the fire reading a book and having my niece over. It was hard having Tom away most of Christmas Day but he was needed so people could drive safe. Enjoy the quiet, Rhonda! We are going to Star Wars this weekend!😉💕


      4. Hi Mary– wow! We are tracking all the cold weather in the east! Tom is the best– so many people depending on him. And not much quiet here yet. Some of our kids headed home yesterday– but We still have Micah & Jodi and family and one of Jodi’s friends visiting from China! Last night Jodi and her friend made us a dumpling feast! Stay cozy!! What are you reading?? xox

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      5. Rhonda, it’s been sub zero temperatures for about two weeks. Our little kitchen furnace is having a hard time keeping up. How are the temps where you are? Enjoy your family stay and the dumplings sound delicious!Happy New Year!!!!🎉🎉🎉💗💗💗


      6. Hi Mary– we have chilly mornings– but it’s in the 60’s or low 70’s by afternoon. Happy New Year to you all too! Are you boys both still in the house?? Are you still getting more snow?? Is Tom our plowing? hugs hugs!

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      7. Hi Rhonda, the boys are gone. Dylan and his fiancé was here on Christmas Eve but didn’t stay over. Branden was here but yesterday we dropped him off for a train ride to his girlfriend’s house. He will be gone for a week and return for one more before he goes back to college. It’s so nice that your weather warms up during the day! We are not warming up and having a hard time heating. Hopefully it will warm up soon. Blessings to you, friend.💕🌈


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