The Lost Art of Christmas Cards

Do you notice that every year the Christmas card pile gets smaller? Just a few years ago the card deluge would commence the last week of November and every day after you could expect cards in the mailbox. It was always fun hearing from family and friends that you aren’t in constant contact with. Sometimes pictures or annual newsletters would accompany the colorful cards.


I think the Internet craze and messaging has threatened snail mail and the urge to send cards. Many people decide to use Facebook or email to send Christmas wishes. This way it’s instant, easy and free. But I have a problem with this. I enjoy going to the mailbox and being showered with stacks of colorful envelopes!  After the cards are opened and read, then comes the display.

I have a little card carrier that I housed my cards in a few years but the problem was that you couldn’t see them. I saw on Pinterest a couple of years ago where someone placed thick felt ribbon down the cupboard doors with the cards stapled to them. This year I draped thick red ribbon across our doorway and stapled the cards to it. It’s simple and easy and looks good.



I admit that my Christmas card list is condensed and always changing! Many relatives and friends have passed away and new friends reappear and are added. This year I almost skipped the tradition due to a lack of time. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I didn’t want to send my holiday greetings on Facebook. This morning I worked on six cards and sent them and each day will do a few more.






Another Christmas card tradition of mine is to save my favorite. I strung groups together with shiny ribbon and put them in my basket. The basket is in the livingroom and now and again I browse through them. I still have some from loved ones who have passed away and so their words are preserved. 

Do you still send Christmas cards or do you use social media? 

I’m wishing many blessings for you all and your families. Hug your loved ones today!

All My Best,

Heart and Soul 💌



17 thoughts on “The Lost Art of Christmas Cards

  1. Since I was brought up in a Hindu household, Christmas cards wasn’t really a thing. But when I first heard of and witnessed the display of Christmas cards, I found it to be a very endearing little tradition and it’s a shame people don’t do this anymore.

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  2. Every year we receive fewer and fewer, but oh how I enjoy those we receive. I used to get mine out by 12/1. Still haven’t done yet, but hope to get a few out. I will. Snail mail is so special these days. Handwritten notes are a gift!

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  3. I love sending (and receiving) Christmas cards! I was tempted to skip sending them this year because things are so crazy (I’m trying to finish my PhD dissertation), but in the end I decided to do what you did and write a few each day. I think part of my motivation is that I just love buying cards…and I can’t buy more if I don’t send out the ones I already have 😉

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  4. I’ve saved a lot of cards over the years. I might need to downsize the pile for our move. I sent out about 75 cards this week. My lists have morphed over the years. I enjoy getting cards. More and more people are doing photo cards with the greeting all published on the card. I still like to write a little something in the card…

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  5. I love getting cards too, but have to confess we stopped sending them a few years ago. It just takes so much time/money to do them. But I did see such pretty cards this year. Maybe next year I’ll just get one box and send them off with notes to friends. Hope your mailbox overflows!! Merry Christmas friend!! xox


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