A New Year Ceremony


Another year has come and gone and here I am reflecting upon its passing. I find the older I become, the more sentimental I feel of a passing year. It’s a great time to reminisce of special happy moments and to accept not so happy times. No life story is perfect and an acceptance of your situation can accelerate well needed healing. Learning from your past mistakes of the year can help you grow and reflecting upon them can bring peace and resolution. After all, don’t you want to begin a new year without carrying around negative baggage?

A good way to put the past year to rest is jot down your triumphs as well as disappointments. Elizabeth Gilbert suggests creating your own New Year ceremony. My sister-in-law Bev has mentioned this idea before as well.  Take your lists of hurtful situations, resentments and disappointments and burn them. With this sacred act you are sending the negative away and welcoming healing and positive things.

My family, me, my son Bran, oldest son Dylan and his fiancé Lexy.

I’ve decided that I will do this ceremony tomorrow night and welcome my husband and son to do so if they wish. My list includes getting rid of jealousy, ( really an indicator of lack of confidence) fear and a lack of confidence. With sending these negatives into smoke and ashes, I intend to stay in prayer for help overcoming them. Life  is so much more pleasant when you let go of your battles.

This isn’t the best of pictures because of the shadows. It was taken of my family on Christmas Eve. I love them so.

Another New Year tradition our family practiced in the past is the grateful jar. I took a glittery vase I had and encouraged my family members to jot down what they were grateful for and place in the jar. Then we shared them after and I kept them to look back upon. Some of the penned thoughts touched my heart, ” I’m grateful for my family.” ” For my family who pretty much supports me most of the time.” ” I’m thankful for food and our house.” This practice can be a Thanksgiving activity as well.

What New Year traditions do you practice? Do you notice the older you get the more special the gift of a new year is? I do…and I thank God for my health, my family and my job.

Happy New Year!🎉🎉🎉🎉

Wishing you all peace and prosperity in the new year, 2018!

All My Best,

Heart and Soul 🎉


I took a quiz last January and received these words for 2017,

Harmony, Freedom and Happiness

I think we had harmony in our marriage, I wished for freedom of jealousy that’s always haunted me and happiness with myself as well as in my life. 

If I chose three words to focus on in 2018 they would be,

Confidence, Love and Peace

Confidence in my abilities, Love in my son’s upcoming wedding and marriage and Peace in my heart and my corner of the world.

11 thoughts on “A New Year Ceremony

  1. I keep a good things jar all year. Each time something good happens I write it on a slip of paper and put it in the jar.on New Year’s Eve I read all the slips. It’s cool as you forget so many things that have happened over the year and helps me to focus on the good:)


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