What I Learned This Year

I just read a post from a wonderful blogger, Jodi from http://lifeinbetween.me .  Her reflection is based on what she learned this year, something I’d like to try. I’m piggy backing on Jodi’s wonderful post with my reflection. Thank you, Jodi for a great read and for the inspiration!


What I learned this year…

My son and his fiancé who will marry August 18, 2018❤

*that my oldest son chose a special lady to be his future bride and that she is a perfect fit in our family.💗

*that Dylan has his head on straight. Turning 21 he acted like an adult and celebrated quietly and without getting loaded

*that my youngest son continues to amaze us with his grades and made the Dean’s list every semester

* that Branden’s girlfriend is sweet like my future daughter in law and is very thoughtful

*that our neighbors are very nice people and that we are blessed to be living beside them. Ron and Jenny Laleme, Bob Clark and Anita and Irene DePonte.

*that I’m pretty good at baking and I enjoy it very much

*that my husband continues to work like a dog for our family with no complaints ever. He worked all day Christmas Day with a two-hour reprieve and never flinched.In this process I learned holidays can be changed and altered and you need to go with the flow. I’m so grateful for all that Tom does and hopefully I pay him back by taking care of our house and cooking food for us

*that Tom likes traveling and went on an airplane the first time this year to Florida. We spent time dreaming our future trips to Montana and possibly Alaska someday

Saying goodbye to family in Florida me, Tom, his sister Pam and my mother in law Theo

Lastly I learned that I’m okay…more than okay and living life with aspirations of someday writing a book, continue walking( in the nice weather) and enjoying writing this blog.

What did you learn this year?

All My Best,

Heart and Soul 🎉

17 thoughts on “What I Learned This Year

  1. Good thoughtful post Mary– It has been an eventful year for you. I think what I’ve learned this year is to depend on God more in difficult times. My car accident is still not resolved and it is unsettling. But reading of God’s care and faithfulness is seeing us through. That’s what’s been important to us in 2017. (plus and big wedding and lots of time with grand-kids!). Love you friend. Look forward to see what 2018 holds for you! xox

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    1. I always enjoy your comments, Rhonda. They are thoughtful and kind like we are conversing at a kitchen table over coffee. I’m sorry to hear of your never ending legal troubles. Stay strong in prayer and He will lead you through. I’ll keep you in my prayers as well. Hugs dear friend. 💗💗💗


      1. Thank you Mary– that’s all we can do, pray and trust in God’s continued goodness. We’re waiting on a police report (since June!) that will hopefully help us. But it’s really in God’s hands. I’ve really appreciated you as well Mary– you blog is so honest and real. hugs hugs!

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      2. Rhonda, to be honest I haven’t found a good fit church for me yet. I took the boys to a Congregational church ( I’m a Protestant) in a nearby town when they were growing up. It got to be political when I just wanted to go and worship. Someday I’ll find my church but in the meantime I live a life with Jesus and pray here. I feel close to God even here.


      3. So true Mary– the real reason to be in church is to worship with other people who love God. I’m so wishing you had that church. My faith is grown, is encouraged by talking and praying and living with other people who share that same faith. I depend on them every day. Love your example of faith and closeness to God– Hope you do find that community of others who share it. You are so wise and amazing. Thankful to learn from you… xox

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      4. I long for the church community…just haven’t found the one I’m looking for with young and old all together. My sister loves her church but it’s an hour away from me. I need something much closer. I’m going to pray for help finding it. Thanks for being such a great friend and supporter, I feel like we would have a great time at the kitchen table over coffee. Blessings to you.🙏😘


      5. I think so too Mary– wish you could drop in!! And your’e right, you need a church group of people who are nearby. Close enough to drop off some banana bread or to take talking walks together… I’ll pray too, that you find that community of people who love God and who know and love you. Blessings friend… xox

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  2. Oh Mary, I love this post! Your kids and husband seem awesome, and your learning about you being ok is so so great. I hope you do write this book (if it’s for the highest good ❤ ) and that you have a happy year full of learning, joy and baking.

    I learned a # of things this year. First is how abundance starts inside – and still working on that one. Second is how to operate a Vitamix (how cool is that?). Third is how better to show up for my partner in acceptance, integrity and loving. Fourth is to receive my own loving.

    Bless you Mary. Love, Debbie

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    1. Hi Debbie, Happy New Year! Thank you for stopping by and for your kindness, as always. It sounds like you had a learning Year and the abundance thing I’m still learning! I love the showing up for your partner. Sometimes I forget all that and need to remember to be there for Tom, not just for myself. Life is a learning process, don’t you think? Happy learning in the new year! Blessings and love to you, ❤🌈

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