My Mom’s Grace

Dedicated to my mom, her resilience in life and her grace I didn’t know until now.


My beautiful mom



About six weeks ago while my mom visited me, she excitedly gave me a pamphlet announcing a dance class that she was in. ” Could you go to this, Mary?” she sweetly asked me and of course I said I would. I thought at first that she wanted me to participate in the dance class and I wasn’t sure how I would do, but then I discovered that it was a dance recital and that I would be in the audience. Phew! What a relief that I didn’t have to bust a move!



                                                    My mom and niece on Cookie Day



The dance class, Body in Motion, was for women over 65 and was held in a function room at the Horsemeadow Senior Center in North Haverhill, New Hampshire. Instructor Jeanne Limmer taught this class highlighting confidence and joy. The women journaled during the class and performed simple dance movements. It was a reflective and emotional discovery for all of the ladies. The dance class instructor drove a two-hour trip to teach the class, with reservations at first. But as the class went on and she got to know these amazing women, she was happy to do the drive.


Courtesy of Upper Valley News Taken by Liz Sauchelli


Upon entering the building, I noticed happy positive people with teeming smiles and an energy I wanted to bottle up for myself! My mom stood there proudly when I arrived. I knew that I HAD to be there for her and that it was definitely a special event.


Shared from Upper Valley News Taken by Liz Sauchelli



The presentation was graceful and inspiring. The women took turns saying profound words to describe themselves using words such as strength, kindness, love and peace. Each woman  performed a quick fluid movement with her word, either reaching her arms to the sky or hugging herself.



Courtesy of Upper Valley News Taken by Liz Sauchelli



At one point in the program all the spectators were invited to dance on the floor and celebrate movement while focusing on the positive aspects of life. Swinging my hips and whole body among all these happy graceful souls, I felt alive! It was a few beautiful moments of sheer pleasure and peace, ones that I would love to reenact again. I didn’t care what people thought and no one else did either. We all celebrated life through dance and movement while practicing it in a forgiving space with no holds barred.


The closing of the recital was when all the women stood in a semi-circle and a joyous song, Bird Song by Heather Masse played. This angelic voice floated across the room singing , ” I hear a bird chirping up in the sky, I like to be free like that and spread my wings so high.”


As this beautiful tune played I watched my mom. She danced with peace and love, with a beaming smile that lit up the room. I was so proud of her that day, of her courage to participate in the recital, her grace to spread her wings and fly and not care what people thought. It was one of the best moments I’ve shared with my mother in a long time and I thank God for this chance to connect with her. I love her so and don’t tell her enough.


Myself, my mom and my sister Barb


Check out this song, Bird Song by Heather Masse on Spotify or iTunes. It’s a lovely expression of peace, a song that can be danced to or a great background for creating art or writing. Let me know what you think if you listen to it.❤



All My Best,

Heart and Soul 💗


13 thoughts on “My Mom’s Grace

  1. what a wonderful experience! You sure look like your mom! The twinkle in your eyes and your smiles are undeniably the same! ❤ I'm going to go and listen to the song now.

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  2. Mary this is tuching pure love. So. Happy you got to. Share. This. Time. With your. Mom. And. Now with us. Thank you love your writting. So. Enjoy them. Love. Aunt. Ruby

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  3. What a lovely idea Mary! I’m glad you have your mother close by and share things like this with her. Love the photo of you and your sis with our mom! How are you holding up in the snow?? Is school going well?? hugs from here.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Rhonda, yes, my mom is nearby, about a half hour away and my sister is 45 minutes away. I’m glad you liked my photo, it’s one of my recent favorites. We still have snow and cold here but we are getting through. I’m fighting a bad cold but with rest it will get better. I hope you and your family are feeling better!💜😊


      1. That’s good to have them close by– Larry’s folks and my mom are in the next town (about 15 minutes)– but our kids are spread far and wide! Traveling in SF end of next week to see kids there and have tickets to Wisconsin the last week of February to visit our daughter and her new husband. Plus thank goodness for facetime! OK, I’m rambling… hugs hugs Mary!

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      2. It’s a blessing tat Larrys folks are close to you and you can always travel to see your children. In these times it’s so much easier traveling then years ago. If my boys ever move away, I’ll stay connected through traveling to them. You weren’t babbling and I enjoy your comments! Many hugs to you, friend. Have a great weekend!❤️❤️❤️

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