My Journey of Patience


The caretakers ” cottage” where we raised our sons and called home.


If you didn’t already know…I waited 22 years to live in our renovated home. We already lived in a home just down the road nestled on a grand estate. A winding driveway led to a grand mansion, garages and sheds, an apple orchard, a Christmas tree field, a built-in pool, all surrounded by a serene stonewall. It was a magical place to raise our sons and we felt as comfortable as can be. But it wasn’t ours and sometimes the reality of that slapped us in the face.



Mrs. Geneen’s grand estate

As time ticked on, money and precious time were factors in a renovation standstill. The house stood lonely and cold and every time I passed it, I felt a break in my heart. Every now and then I would dream of what curtains I would have and where our furniture would go, just to keep the dream alive. Then it would fade away again, with unsettled future plans in limbo.



Finally we decided to finish the house and make the big move. Our employer and friend, Mrs. Geneen had passed away a few years before and we were eventually paying rent to stay. It was the perfect time to let go, to walk away and start a new life in our home! Now, three years later, we occupy our dream home and it’s a blessing and a relief. Sometimes I pinch myself while walking through the rooms. It doesn’t seem possible that we are finally here in our own home! The wait has gifted me patience that maybe I didn’t possess before, a strength that flows in my blood now.



If you can learn anything from my circumstance it is this…sometimes all that you desire or think you need isn’t meant to happen right away. For the journey you travel while you wait makes up who you are and why would you pass up something so teaching and beautiful? If you’re being tested and have to wait, remember my story and keep marching on. Stay strong and hopeful during your journey. Eventually events happen as you wish, but not on your timeline but God’s. Trust it…for such beauty lies in the wait!

All My Best,

Heart and Soul

20 thoughts on “My Journey of Patience

  1. AMEN so happy for you the world changes and those of us who can take the punches and roll seem to come out on top even if we had been thinking we were already there.

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  2. Waiting on what the Lord has in mind isn’t easy at the time but when you see the fruition it’s reassuring. Glad you were able to get into your own home.

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  3. Beautiful story of hopes realized. I loved reading this Mary. And I’ve always thought your home is so beautiful and sweet. We had a similar story. The first 20 years we were married, we lived in 13 homes!– in California, Texas, Costa Rica and Spain– none of them were our own. The summer we were returning from Spain, Larry’s older aunt passed and left us $20,000 unexpectedly. So we were able to buy our little house. I had had dreams where we were looking for a house and this really was my dreams come true. We saw it as God’s good, surprising provision. We’ve been in the house 23 years now and I still love waling in the door. Thanks for the wonderful post. hugs friend.

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