Happy Birthday, Dylan🎉

I have told you all before that twenty two years ago today my life changed drastically. I transformed from a  26 year old woman to a young mother, a role that I had to learn and practice. Although it took years to learn it all, one thing I never had to try at or practice was loving my son.

As most mothers will retell their story, I cherish telling mine. I awoke at 3 am out of a sound sleep, only to be surprised with my water bursting! After a hurried call to the doctor and a quick shower to calm my nerves, Tom and I headed to the hospital and to our new life. Eight hours later after a labor that I’ll never forget, Dylan James was born. He had a full head of dark hair and peach fuzz hair all over his little body. His anxious new born cry sent shivers up in my spine, a reminder that this really happened. I cradled him in my arms, looking at his five fingers and toes. Tom proudly held his son, a moment that touched my heart and made me so thrilled that we had a son.


My story continues, for I need to share something that happened on that hospital floor that stays with me. That night, after visiting relatives went home after meeting Dylan, the nurses wheeled my baby away to the nursery. They insisted this so that I would get my sleep and rest as needed. I lay there still and listening and of course I couldn’t sleep a wink. Five or ten minutes raced by and suddenly I heard Dylan’s cries floating down the hall. I just knew they were his, no doubt in my mind. I had to go to him and hold him. Trudging down that cold floor, I was ready to power talk those nurses and plead for my son to come back to our room. Sure enough Dylan lay wailing in the incubator and with tears running down my cheeks, I simply said, ” please bring my son back.”

I lay on my side that night, with one eye resting and one on my new baby. No, I didn’t get much sleep that February night but my son was by my side with his dad not far off in a recliner. All was good in the world.


Now that my little mothering story has been told I want to wish Dylan a very happy 22nd birthday! He’s a great  guy holding down a full time job at a local garage and paying his bills responsibly. Dylan plans to marry the love of his life in August and will start his family story. Tom and I are very proud of the kind of man he is and the young lady he’s chosen to marry…she’s a peach.


All My Best,

Heart and Soul 💗


22 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Dylan🎉

  1. My best wishes to Dylan. It’s great to see you so proud of your son and I am sure he will do very well for himself. All the love and luck to him and his girlfriend (fiance?) for the future too…. 🙂

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  2. awww – my eyes teared up with love and admiration. Happy Birthday and Happy Life Dylan! A new stage for you and your family Mary! Enjoy and cherish every moment. I have my granddaughter today -she is 15 months already! And she is going to be a big sister in July! ❤ woohoo!

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    1. Hi Jodi, I know what you mean. Many mother stories I can relate and get emotional too. I can’t believe your granddaughter is already 15 months…where does the time go? Enjoy every precious moment! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍

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  3. This is an incredible story, Mary. Happy birthday to Dylan! Thank you so much for sharing, your love of your son touches me. 💜 I can see you awake that first night keeping watch over him. Thank you Mary! You are amazing. Big hugs. Love and Light, Debbie

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    1. It was quiet but fun! Dylan wanted brownie sundaes instead of birthday cake. I made chicken pot pie to start, it turned out yummy! What sorts of dishes do you make for birthday dinners? I’ve seen your dinner party pictures, beautiful settings and I bet the food is so delicious! Hugs dear friend❤️😄


      1. Sounds perfect! (who doesn’t love brownies??) I used to make Sausage Pie (pie with sausage and apples) for our oldest son’s birthday because he loved it, but the other 3 kids through it was awful! Take care Mary. xox

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      2. Haha, the things we do and makevfor our kids! Tom’s mom used to bake him apple pies! We are trying to dodge this terrible storm and pick up our son tomorrow. HIm praying the roads will be better!His birthday celebration will be Sunday. I’m baking a yellow chocolate buttercream frosted cake for him! He is 20 years old now!🎂🎉


      3. Hi Rhonda, yes our son is home safe. We had a nice birthday dinner at a local restaurant and birthday cake with his brother and fiancé. How is your week going? Any good books or projects going on? Hugs to you😍💕


      4. Hi Mary– that sounds about perfect– out with your Tom and the boys around the table! Week is good (busy– something every night this week!). And I just finished a book I really liked called Seven Days of Us– a family quarantined in their British country house and all the things that come out– sad and happy and heartwarming… OK, love love being in touch with you Mary. xo

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