When Will it Be Enough?

With so many school shootings in the news and the latest Florida tragedy weighing on our hearts, I have to post about this. Usually I cower from the news as it boosts my anxiety up to high levels but these occurrences have to be paid attention to. I feel very close to this issue, as I work and teach at a school in the elementary wing. I see many children work, laugh, play and even cry throughout the day. When I think of this horrible action happening at any school and possibly ours too, confusion and sorrow consumes me. Like many educators, I feel helpless and just want to do my job without worries of protecting the children if needed. Of course I wouldn’t  think twice to shield my students from danger.


I offer prayers for all the families, teachers and friends who have lost someone in this senseless act. I also think and pray for the Florida community as they try to make sense of another tragedy. I’m not going to get into deep politics on this blog but simply throw out the question, when it will be enough? I can only hope that something will give and action will happen! Many facets exist… mental health, bullying, family dynamics, military style weapons and violent video games all contribute to this ordeal.

Let’s pull together and pray in unison for our country…the schools, the families, the victims and even the perpetrators and their families.

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤


8 thoughts on “When Will it Be Enough?

  1. Agree Mary. I remember when Sandy Hook occurred and I was still teaching. We all sat in the lunch room, stunned. You know how dear your students are and it’s hard to imagine them coming to harm. Thanks for writing this… hugs hugs.

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    1. We were shocked too. One of my teacher co- worker’s stepmom was the principal at Sandy Hook and was killed. After that our principal was sensitive to our worries and let us know when an intruder alert drill was going to happen. Very scary stuff.❤


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