My February Facts

I thought I’d write this post with a February theme and as the month is almost in the books, I’m on a time crunch! So here it goes…


February is a birthday month for my family! Both my sons were born this month two years and four days apart. Their Papa’s birthday was tucked in between the boys. Now our daughter- in- law’s birthday is in the same month! Wow, that’s a lot of birthday dinners! 



February usually presents itself in a milky white with snowy landscapes and frosted trees. Sometimes temperatures hover near freezing and other times we have spring like conditions with melting snow and flooding. You never know what you’re going to get here in New England!


February meals simmer in crockpots and we eat our hearty comfort food by our fire. I cook cream of chicken ( rice pilaf on the side), baked beans and barbecued ribs this month. With cold and snowy conditions, there’s nothing better than hot homemade food! I must mention I bake up a storm this month too….cookies, brownies and goodies!



This is the month I consider planning my garden and read up on planting techniques. It’s a way of bringing spring closer than what it is. Four months from now Tom and I will till the garden and plant for the season! I can’t wait!





February is cabin fever month for me. Winter seems long here and although I like the season and some of the beauty it gifts, by mid month I’m itching for green grass, summer birds and hot sun. Most northerners pack up and vacation south, but we need to stay for Tom’s job. Needless to say, February is a soul-searching quiet month.



What I love about February is that the wildlife emerges from a deep sleep and start trekking all over the region, in hopes of spring. Chipmunks, squirrels, skunks, foxes and deer show themselves and play amid the snow, leaving their tracks behind. These movements are my hope that spring is around the corner! 



Just a few February facts to share with you….I wonder if your Feb facts are similar or different? What do you love about February? Here’s looking forward to March and spring!

All My Best,

Heart and Soul 💗





10 thoughts on “My February Facts

  1. We have a similar birthday month in January. Our schools have a winter break in February. We also get a little snow off and on in February that adds something new to talk about for our newscasters. Valentines Day adds a little sweetness to the month, too. Growing up I enjoyed having Lincoln’s and Washington’s birthdays off from school. But…I look forward to March, my birthday month and now my granddaughter’s birthday on the first day of Spring! Have a good last week of February!

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  2. Hi Mary– how wonderful to live in a place where there are true seasons– a real rhythm to life. And I wonder if baking does go up across the country in February??!! Everyone tucked in at home and crazing something warming. Fun post!! xox

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    1. I would say it does. My mother in law lives in Florida and doesn’t bake as much during the hot and humid season. I bake less in the summer here unless it’s very early morning. Are there special times you bake? 😄👍🌈


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