Sunday Morning


The quiet moments of a Sunday morning calm me and my soul. Every working person knows the weekend is when you get things done at home but not only that. It’s a time of peace and quiet, an opportunity to rest and recharge your batteries for the coming work week. Without this time, I become exhausted and distracted.




You may attend church and that’s your peace. Perhaps you read a good book by candlelight or meditate in a dark room. Everyone relaxes and recharges in a different way. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as it generates tranquility in your life.



There are various activities I do on a Sunday morning. I sit with my steaming coffee and look out the window watching my world wake up. Sometimes I blog and catch up on friends’ blog entries and comment. Other times I make a breakfast for us. This morning I made crepes, one of my husband’s favorites. On the side I heated up blueberries, added a dash of cinnamon and a tablespoon of sugar. It was fun to fill my little cordial cups with orange juice and set the table as if we had company. I love a good chance to use my best china and light the candles.

Here’s hoping you all have a restful Sunday!

All My Best,

Heart and Soul

Back and Forth


Written on an old tattered notebook page

First Draft, 1992


Windshield wipers scrape


Intense rain splatters



on the windshield

Monstrous storm clouds hover

while a deluge of showers

clouds my vision

Cold rushes sweep

through the  inching vehicle

as the windshield wipers chime


Like a tune on an old record player



yet beautiful,

showers of rain






What do you think of my poem from long ago? 

All My Best,

Heart and Soul 💕

March Days

In March I open all the windows on warm days and breathe in fresh air in all my rooms. This month I’ve done it a couple of times so far. Refreshing!


Usually this month I continue planning and sketching my garden! This season I’m hoping for beets, corn, big leafed spinach and much more! I can’t wait! Check my blog in June and July for updates!


In March my mom celebrates her birthday. I usually take her out to lunch or visit her house. It’s also  special because her father, my maternal Grampa Gould’s birthday was just a few days before hers. Every March I’m reminded of that and what a funny good person he was! ( I have fond memories of watching GunSmoke with him, he loved westerns!) Does anyone remember GunSmoke?



Sometimes  the snow melts in March and grass comes into view once again! Spring birds reappear and start their melody. I hear them upon waking from a slumber and thank God for the gift of spring! Other times snow gracefully blankets every inch of the ground. This year we had a few days of melting weather and then Mother Nature immersed us right back into winter with loads of snow! We’ve had three Nor’easters in a matter of ten days! Spring doesn’t seem close…but the good news is it is. ( I hope)


March means St. Patrick’s day! Although I’m Irish my family never really made a hoopla of the holiday. For us, St. Paddy’s day means a cooked corned beef in the crock pot. My friend Marlene is a St. Paddy’s day baby….what a day to celebrate!

Last of all in our part of the world, March is the arrival of spring! We host a long winter every year and the warmer days are longer and so welcomed. It truly is a God-given gift to experience.

What does March mean to you? I would love to hear your thoughts!

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤☘

An Irish Blessing ☘️

This is my great, great-grandfather ( paternal side) John Doyle and great, great-grandmother Catherine O’ Day Doyle. John was born in Ireland in 1834, while Catherine was born in Vermont in 1844. John immigrated to the United States, landing in New York when he was twenty years old. Many thanks to my second cousin Colleen King for family history and pictures! ❤


May the road rise to meet you,

May the wind always be at your back,

May the sunshine warm upon your face,

and rains fall soft upon your fields,

and until we meet again,

May God hold you in the palm of his hand.

– an old Irish blessing

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I’m proud to be Irish, my maiden name is Doyle!

Wishing you many blessings!

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤


Don’t Take it Personally❤️



No matter how hard you try

some people will always find fault with

your every action and word.

Don’t take it personally,

for it’s their baggage and insecurity!

The sooner we learn that no matter what…

you are not always going to make everyone in your life HAPPY,

the sooner you can grow and move on.

Keep living your truth and be confident with your

actions and words.

I still battle this… for I’m a people

pleaser and have always been one.

I’m diligently  working on building myself up to

be strong and not to take people’s social media

reactions personally.

I’m just me, doing the best I can.

If I make people smile and be happy,

that’s  great!

If I don’t, well… it is what it is

and I’m not taking it personally!

Do you take things personally, especially social media reactions? I think Facebooks likes and loves have created a monster. The reactions are a nightmare for someone with anxiety because you read into the likes and loves.

What do you think?

All My Best,

Heart and Soul

Another Snowstorm!

As the morning trudges on

so do the frantic snowplows

and few cars

paving snow trails

to work.

Yesterday our little corner

of the world was dumped on

with several inches

of the fluffy stuff.

It’s the third Nor’easter

in a matter of days!

There’s a still peace,

as soft snow continues to fall

and pile up in substantial drifts.

A piercing early call woke me

to a no school message.

My husband had few hours of sleep

and he’s out in

the white world

fixing town machines and plowing.

Perhaps it’s winters last hurrah

and a fleeting chance to be

enveloped inside and read a book!


All My Best,

Heart and Soul 💗

Jojo’s Photography Dream

There’s this young woman I know who has inspired me to write this post and share her work with you all. I am thankful to say I know her and am getting to learn more about her everyday. She has given permission for me to share her photos and interview her on her love, photography.



Her name is Jojo Anderson and I know her because she dates my youngest son. They both attend the same college and have been dating for a year. There’s something special and loving about this lady…she’s kind, thoughtful and honest and has taken lovely photos, so it’s a pleasure to share her story and photography with you!



Jojo started taking photos when she bought her first camera in the sixth grade. Her photos were of everything with no rhyme or purpose, just for fun! Suddenly one day the camera broke and she stopped taking photos for a while. Years later, just before her senior year,  her parents encouraged her to buy a new camera. Jojo says that the more photos she snapped the more the she fell in love with the power of it.


Isn’t this photo of captured nature beautiful?

This talented young woman always had an interest in old cameras but she really doesn’t know why. She was attracted to how things were made, which lead to an intention to pursue engineering after high school. Jojo applied to colleges with this major in mind. While taking photos and exploring photography, Jojo realized that she loved it! With the change of heart and majors, she applied to Mount Ida College majoring in photography with a back up of being a vet tech.



Jojo started posting her work on social media and received attention from professional photographers. Her dad taught her some basic principles of art/ photography fundamentals such as the rule of thirds and the rule of odds. Her parents were a big influence on her goals, especially her dad.



One of Jojo’s favorite subjects is of people she loves. A few months ago this young lady snapped this gem of my son and he loved it so much that he used it for his social media profile. She values the fact that the photo highlights who Branden is as a person, a genuine capture of him without being fake. His smile is real and not posed for the shot. Jojo thinks it’s special that she captured  his essence, as if the camera wasn’t there. Sometimes Branden changes or freezes up when a camera focuses on him,( as most people do)  so this picture shows that he can relax for the camera. I do love this pose, spoken from a proud mama!


Jojo also took this great portrait of her younger sister. I love the outside backgrounds of these photos! She loves using photography to tell a story and enjoys taking photos that capture the moment in nature.





In class Jojo had an assignment of taking photos of food in an arrangement.

If you’re interested in viewing Jojo’s photos, you can sign up free on She also sells prints, cards and posters on under her artist name Jojo Anderson. I ordered a beautiful card of a mesmerizing sunset recently. I was thrilled with its beauty and it was shipped to me within days.

Here’s my photo card I ordered from Jojo. I love it!


As I wrap up this post I’m encouraged of Jojo’s promising photography career. I believe she will succeed in what she sets her mind to. She wishes to work freelance eventually but may pursue a job in the industry, just starting out. Whatever this young lady achieves, it will be great because she has heart and guts to reach her dreams. I’m happy she’s dating my son and proud to know her and call her a friend.


All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤












Get Rid of Fear & Learn Something New




Do you want to pursue a hobby or interest but fear is holding you back? Are you petrified of people’s reactions and criticism? Many people hold back from following their heart their whole life, simply out of fear. Sometimes it’s  easier to just be, than to take the steps further to thrive. Fear stands as a gated barrier for fulfilling ones dreams. The journey to your fate is one YOU must travel. For me, my relationship with God leads me to where I need to be.




All my life I’ve kept fear beside me, coddled it and made it a friend. I can’t blame family genes even though my maternal grandmother was fearful constantly.  Neither can I point fingers at the world but the truth is that it started with me and needs to end with me. Now I’m at a middle age, 48, that changes things! The more I learn and grow,  the more I create that strong skin.



During this journey I have experienced terrible setbacks. Any battle like this tends to have steps forward and a few steps back. Sometimes I think I can’t breathe without fear dominating, but then I regain my strength and squash it. You may feel this too at times and it’s important to know that anything this big and true takes much pain and some setbacks.




My advice to you is do not waste anymore precious time! Simply do it, with a free spirit and resolve. Forget about worrying and wondering about people because it doesn’t matter what they think! If I had kept up with my writing I wouldn’t have lost a few years. With these words I want to encourage you to seek your dreams and find those hidden talents.


I’ve taken an art class on painting once and  tried the french horn in school ( this is when I discovered that my interest in music is merely that and not a talent). A few summers ago I dabbled in ancestry and learned tremendous information about my maternal family and some of my paternal.  It was a magical time of diving deep into the past to discover my roots and in turn I made my mom a book. Are you interested in ancestry?


You have no way of ever knowing what interests you or what you excel at if you don’t get out there and try things. Experience new classes, journeys and trips with others ( my friend Belinda has gone on bus tours with a local bank and met new friends and has seen new places on her trips. It’s amazing that she does this by herself but has gained so much from her experiences.)

I’m in my late forties and if now isn’t the time, when is? Don’t tell yourself, when the children grow up, when I have more money or I’ll do it when life slows down. If you wait for these things to happen, you’re missing out now! No more excuses, just do it!


Get rid of Fear and get out there! Tell yourself, ” I am fearless!” Explore different interests to learn and have fun! That little choice may  fill the void in your life, that uncertainty that has been following you for a long time. What have you always wanted to try? 


As I write this I’m still dreaming of writing a book and exploring other ideas to try. I’ll keep you posted.


All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤👍











I Wonder…


My family, Tom’s not in this one. Me, my son Branden, Dylan and my daughter in law Lexy.

I wonder why we all seek

that special something

not knowing what it really is!

I wonder if this journey of life

comes full circle

and we all end up close

to our origins.

I wonder how

my story will go…

will it spiral

or flow

or circle

back to

where it

all began for me?

Do you ever wonder where your beautiful life will take you? 

Hmmm….I wonder😉



In Saunters March


A view out my window,a beautiful blue sky. The calm before the storm!


Just like that February is a memory

of snow and ice

and unusual spring like temperatures

towards its  last call.

March saunters in

with the glowing sun

amid a calm deep blue sky,

pleasant weather at its best…

but not for long!

Tomorrow a Nor’ Easter is predicted

and this crazy

back and forth pendulum continues!


As I write this I wish you all

a magnificent March and spring

no matter what your weather is!!


All My Best,

Heart and Soul 💗