In Saunters March


A view out my window,a beautiful blue sky. The calm before the storm!


Just like that February is a memory

of snow and ice

and unusual spring like temperatures

towards its  last call.

March saunters in

with the glowing sun

amid a calm deep blue sky,

pleasant weather at its best…

but not for long!

Tomorrow a Nor’ Easter is predicted

and this crazy

back and forth pendulum continues!


As I write this I wish you all

a magnificent March and spring

no matter what your weather is!!


All My Best,

Heart and Soul 💗




10 thoughts on “In Saunters March

  1. What a lovely poem to welcome March, but like you I’m not so sure what the next couple of days will bring with the Nor’Easter. Our predictions are not as bad as up north, I think we’re just expecting tons of rain.

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  2. HI Mary– been busy and I’m finally catching up on your posts this afternoon!! So I know your March turned snowy again!! Here’s hoping that spring is really around the corner!! and your garden. and walks outdoors. Loved catching up with you! xox


      1. Wow Mary! I read on the morning news today that the northeast has had 4 storms in 3 weeks!! First thing I thought of was you and Tom. How is he holding up?? And is school still going through all this?? take care– xox

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  3. Hi Rhonda, I’m keeping an eye on the latest storm…it may just miss us mid week! How is the weather your way! Tom is doing well, despite all the winter weather. He never complains, he is a real trooper! We only missed one school day last week and I’m not sure yet if we have to make it up in June. Time will tell. How is your week going so far? Hugs friend x0x0


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