Get Rid of Fear & Learn Something New




Do you want to pursue a hobby or interest but fear is holding you back? Are you petrified of people’s reactions and criticism? Many people hold back from following their heart their whole life, simply out of fear. Sometimes it’s  easier to just be, than to take the steps further to thrive. Fear stands as a gated barrier for fulfilling ones dreams. The journey to your fate is one YOU must travel. For me, my relationship with God leads me to where I need to be.




All my life I’ve kept fear beside me, coddled it and made it a friend. I can’t blame family genes even though my maternal grandmother was fearful constantly.  Neither can I point fingers at the world but the truth is that it started with me and needs to end with me. Now I’m at a middle age, 48, that changes things! The more I learn and grow,  the more I create that strong skin.



During this journey I have experienced terrible setbacks. Any battle like this tends to have steps forward and a few steps back. Sometimes I think I can’t breathe without fear dominating, but then I regain my strength and squash it. You may feel this too at times and it’s important to know that anything this big and true takes much pain and some setbacks.




My advice to you is do not waste anymore precious time! Simply do it, with a free spirit and resolve. Forget about worrying and wondering about people because it doesn’t matter what they think! If I had kept up with my writing I wouldn’t have lost a few years. With these words I want to encourage you to seek your dreams and find those hidden talents.


I’ve taken an art class on painting once and  tried the french horn in school ( this is when I discovered that my interest in music is merely that and not a talent). A few summers ago I dabbled in ancestry and learned tremendous information about my maternal family and some of my paternal.  It was a magical time of diving deep into the past to discover my roots and in turn I made my mom a book. Are you interested in ancestry?


You have no way of ever knowing what interests you or what you excel at if you don’t get out there and try things. Experience new classes, journeys and trips with others ( my friend Belinda has gone on bus tours with a local bank and met new friends and has seen new places on her trips. It’s amazing that she does this by herself but has gained so much from her experiences.)

I’m in my late forties and if now isn’t the time, when is? Don’t tell yourself, when the children grow up, when I have more money or I’ll do it when life slows down. If you wait for these things to happen, you’re missing out now! No more excuses, just do it!


Get rid of Fear and get out there! Tell yourself, ” I am fearless!” Explore different interests to learn and have fun! That little choice may  fill the void in your life, that uncertainty that has been following you for a long time. What have you always wanted to try? 


As I write this I’m still dreaming of writing a book and exploring other ideas to try. I’ll keep you posted.


All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤👍











14 thoughts on “Get Rid of Fear & Learn Something New

  1. I’m waiting to hear back from Ancestry about my DNA – should be interesting. Moving to a condo (from a 1 acre home) I need to replace many of my gardening activities. I also let my Master Gardener status lapse so I’ve been looking for other ways to volunteer. The local library so far…

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    1. Judy, let me know how thorough that DNA kit is! I’m very interested in doing that! What is a master gardener…sounds really interesting! Volunteering at the library would be fun and calm. I volunteer bake once a week for an after school club and enjoy it.


      1. I sure will Mary – I just sent in my “saliva” and it could take a few months. You get to make a family tree and other possibilities. I’ve heard nothing but good comments about it. Check my site “Master Gardener Volunteer Program” and “Jr. Master Gardener Program”. As much as you enjoy gardening you would be perfect to join. It costs, there’s classes and tests!!! I am a retired librarian so it seemed fitting to volunteer in a library.

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      2. Hi Judy, I will check the Master Gardener Volunteer program, sounds like it’s my kind of thing. Oh, I love the quiet atmosphere of the library and the smell of books. Enjoy your volunteering. God Bless you for doing that.💗🌈


  2. Oh Mary, I so support and encourage you to follow your dreams! Writing a book sounds wonderful.

    This part of your post is probably my favorite (thank you): “For me, my relationship with God leads me to where I need to be.”

    Blessings to your next steps.

    I’m so glad to know you, Mary. Feel free to contact me anytime and share what’s next. (



  3. Love how you’ve jumped into blogging Mary!! And waiting for your book!! It’s true life flies by and we miss chances to do the things we’ve wanted to try! I’m thinking about taking a water color class at the Seniors center starting in April– I’ve done a little on my own, but need help! thanks for the push… xox


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