March Days

In March I open all the windows on warm days and breathe in fresh air in all my rooms. This month I’ve done it a couple of times so far. Refreshing!


Usually this month I continue planning and sketching my garden! This season I’m hoping for beets, corn, big leafed spinach and much more! I can’t wait! Check my blog in June and July for updates!


In March my mom celebrates her birthday. I usually take her out to lunch or visit her house. It’s also  special because her father, my maternal Grampa Gould’s birthday was just a few days before hers. Every March I’m reminded of that and what a funny good person he was! ( I have fond memories of watching GunSmoke with him, he loved westerns!) Does anyone remember GunSmoke?



Sometimes  the snow melts in March and grass comes into view once again! Spring birds reappear and start their melody. I hear them upon waking from a slumber and thank God for the gift of spring! Other times snow gracefully blankets every inch of the ground. This year we had a few days of melting weather and then Mother Nature immersed us right back into winter with loads of snow! We’ve had three Nor’easters in a matter of ten days! Spring doesn’t seem close…but the good news is it is. ( I hope)


March means St. Patrick’s day! Although I’m Irish my family never really made a hoopla of the holiday. For us, St. Paddy’s day means a cooked corned beef in the crock pot. My friend Marlene is a St. Paddy’s day baby….what a day to celebrate!

Last of all in our part of the world, March is the arrival of spring! We host a long winter every year and the warmer days are longer and so welcomed. It truly is a God-given gift to experience.

What does March mean to you? I would love to hear your thoughts!

All My Best,

Heart and Soul ❤☘

12 thoughts on “March Days

  1. My youngest son’s birthday is in March – on St. Patrick’s Day in fact – so we just celebrated. That is what I think about most in March. And the beginning of Spring too – though it is has been pretty cold and wintry here. Today was beautiful though.

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      1. We are getting it now. About 2 inches as I type. So pretty. I keep trying to enjoy each of these thinking they are the last. And then it happens again. Lol

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  2. How nice to still be celebrating your mom and her birthday. March is my birthday month and our new little grands birthday month, too. Our daughter and her husband were married in March. I love March, too, because it’s the beginning of Spring. Have a good week.

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    1. Hi Ellen, you share my mom’s birthday month! So many special milestones this month. I’m hopeful for spring and I’ll know it’s here when I see my first robin! Blessings xoxo


  3. Spring, gardening (now only container plants – I do miss my big garden). Herbs are growing under gro-lights and I will start some flowers too. St. Paddy’s Day, 2 birthdays, warmer weather, birds singing and pairing up to start their families… 🙂

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    1. Sounds like many of my reader friends have family and friends’ birthdays in March! It’s warm your way and you have birds back? We still have much snow but nice sunshine with cold temperatures. I look forward to seeing my first robin, the true sign of spring around here. Take care, Judy!


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