Little Chippy ( A Sign of Spring)


This is a photo of last summer when the grass turns a rich melon green and the bushes thrive by our pond.

Although patches of snow remain

little chippy ventures out on the surface

up on his hind legs.

He soaks up the sun,

absorbing its goodness

as I do.

This afternoon I sat out on our front steps and let the sun penetrate my skin.

It had been too long

and I think chippy chipmunk would agree with that!



he scoots down

the hole in the mound of snow

to comfort

and insulated warmth.

With his presence and my first sighting of

two robins in a nearby tree, I’m confident

to say that spring is here.

I’m extremely grateful for this!


I wish I had a photo of this little guy but he’s much too fast for me!  It’s a blessing  that the sun is warm and the wind whipping today, together melting the few patches of snow.

God Bless you all.

All My Best,

Heart and Soul

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