Union Village Memories Part 1

Union Village, Vermont bridge


Do you have fond memories of your growing up experience that stay with you always? I think we filter certain memories, some we keep deep in our heart and soul and revisit for a good smile from time to time. Others we tuck away untouched as they aren’t so pleasant to think about.


My maternal grandparents lived in a quaint hamlet called Union Village, Vermont just down the hill from Thetford and bordering Norwich Vermont. Just minutes from Dartmouth College and hosting the Union Village dam, this tiny town holds much history for my mom and our family.

My great grandfather Roy Gould lived in a little house on the cusp of the bridge. His son and wife, my grandparents,  lived next door to him, two lots away from the bridge. As a child I thought their back yard was sprawling and huge. It sloped down to the river, one of my favorite playgrounds as a child. Years later, as an adult, I revisited this neighborhood only to be surprised that it was much smaller as I had remembered. I guess this happens to us all…a view from a child’s eyes looks vast and expansive and shrinks tremendously when you’re grown.

My grandfather in his younger days

One vivid remembrance is when our family scooted the car down the hill into Union Village. I would dread the trip over the bridge. Sometimes us kids talked about the infamous encounter miles away, an expected thrill and scary few moments. Upon approaching the crossing, dad or mom (who ever was driving or on the trip) would stop a few feet in front and honk. It was a tradition to honk the whole way through to warn other cars so a fender bender could be prevented. An exciting rush went through me. It was scary but an exciting adventure as well. Sometimes I closed my eyes tight and wished to be through it. Others I watched the dark tunnel as our driver honked through.


What a memory! To this day, when I do visit Union Village I still honk and put my lights on to glow and pave my path through. I don’t hold my breath or close my eyes but I’m brought back in time in the 70’s when my grandparents were still alive and living near the bridge.

I truly hope you all are healthy and well. Enjoy the week God has given us!

All my Best,

Heart and Soul

17 thoughts on “Union Village Memories Part 1

  1. Good memories! Not all that long ago I frequently crossed a bridge that had only one lane. It wasn’t covered though and you could see if it had a vehicle on it. People were courteous to stop for someone on the other side who arrived there before they did.

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  2. what a lovely story and pics! yes memories are very mysterious! I remember visiting our very small village far from our town where all our uncles and aunts lived in houses without electricity and we loved using candles, and lamps and very unusual kinds of lighting! we visited the farms where jaggery was made and food was cost in mud pots over fire! and one uncle told a lot of tall tales about meeting the ghosts who came at night to share his cigarettes with him!

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  3. What a beautiful story Mary !! Your writing takes me right back to those wonderful days in Union Village !! ❤ God Bless You Cousin !

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  4. What a charming place to spend your time with grandparents… Love the covered bridge photos– happy it’s still there! And I agree how we remember things being so much larger as a child. Now and then we drive through our old neighborhood and the streets look so narrow!! Beautiful post Mary. xox

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      1. Hi Mary– we drive back by our old house now and then. It’s not in the best part of town, near L.A. but we have so many good growing up memories there. Loved your dear post. hugs Mary!

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      2. Awe, Rhonda thank you for reading my posts and caring! It means so much! I am afraid of going to LA as I”ve heard many stories but that’s since I”m a country girl. Even Boston is a little too fast paced for me but I go nearby often because of Branden. Of course visiting where you grow up is special, no matter where i t is because you can notice changes and things that have stayed the same! Hugs to you, Rhonda. Have a blessed weekend.xo

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